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Sunny Day On The River

This was from my adventure of getting lost in San Antonio. I was off the tourist path and just wandering along. Knowing that I could find my way back because of the river itself and it ran next to my hotel. 16 more words

Landscape Photography


I just liked the stairs for some reason. Not sure how I liked how the image turned out. Tomorrow I take a break from HDR and return to my roots.



Sun Set Over San Antonio

This is the same view as yesterday’s post just show with a wider lens. I also went with less orange and more blue. It is after all my world and I can make it look however. 38 more words


Sunset Between Buildings

Spiffy title. I really thought hard about it.

First off, nope. Not even close to being a natural sky but its my world and I can make it do what I want. 185 more words


Buildings On The River

I could not come up with a spiffy title so bland and ordinary will have to do.

When I took this photo I was comfortably lost in San Antonio. 77 more words


In The Shade On The River Walk

Just a quick one today as I have things to do. First images shot in San Antonio. Had the camera in the wrong mode for HDR but it still worked out.



Catchall Cabin Crochet Circle

So as I promised all your crafty people there would be a post all about you. More specifically the crochet minded people.

Now I say crochet minded because the really doesn’t apply to people who already know how to crochet. 176 more words