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Buhay Intern: End of Journey?

Completion Ceremony.

Long talks.

Chill day.

No work.

Fun night.

We were infinite.


Buhay Intern: Workplace Assignment

Hey, you’re back! This is my second blog post regarding my Internship Journey at the House of Representatives (HRep)!

In my first week in the HRep, we had a one-week conference about the legislative process here in the Philippines, specifically the procedure in the Congress. 334 more words


Buhay Intern: Getting to Know Part

Hi there! I would like to share my internship experience in *Drum roll* THE House of Representatives¹!! (yey) This is to help some aspiring interns for the House of Representatives. 552 more words


Almost there

This is the project that practically ate up all my time for summer vacation. It was all hand-written digested cases for Constitutional Law II. Our syllabus has around 190-200+ cases. 143 more words

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