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Treasure Trove of (Mainly Local) Old Photographs

Just over a week ago a chance subject in a conversation with a nearby long-standing friend revealed that her grandfather had been a photographer and that she had discovered a large box filled with hundreds of old photographs in the attic of her house. 978 more words

Val Di Lima

Living More Safely at San Cassiano

The inauguration of San Cassiano’s first defibrillator this Sunday was a very happy and well-attended event. I was amazed to find that Paul Anthony Davies and his wife Morena (who was born in San Cassiano) had managed to raise the near two thousand euros required to purchase the defibrillator in the space of just three months. 362 more words


San Cassiano Inaugurates its New Wonder Machine

Italian weather is rarely understated, unlike English weather, which is tempered by maritime conditions and the Gulf Stream.

Italian storms are of a Vivaldian intensity and stop as abruptly as they start, with virtuoso cascades, terrifying rumblings of thunder, landslides and dramatic lightning effects in between. 277 more words

Val Di Lima

A wooden horse

The wooden horse and rider in the museum at San Cassiano is not just any horse. The sculpture has been attributed to Jacopo della Quercia. He was an early Renaissance artist from Querciagrossa, near Siena. 226 more words

Bagni Di Lucca

A day for children at San Cassiano

The lucky children of San Cassiano and nearby had a great day at the Campo Sportivo. Lucky for us photographer Paul Davies was on hand to take photos. 12 more words

Bagni Di Lucca

Goats out walking

I spotted a herd of goats out with their dogs and owner walking on the hill beside San Cassiano.

I hope these scenes continue to be part of life in Bagni di Lucca.

Bagni Di Lucca

Fish, chips and more

One day I would like to go to the Fish and Chip festival in Barga.

…have some fish and chips for me.

There is another exhibition coming up in La Villa, and an event for children in San Cassiano. 10 more words

Bagni Di Lucca