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The Star of India - Tour the Oldest Functioning Ship in the World in San Diego

In 1863, a fully rigged iron windjammer vessel was built on the Isle of Man, and that ship is still seaworthy today. If this fun fact fascinates you, head over to the Maritime Museum in San Diego to check out the Star of India. 513 more words

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Old Town in San Diego Offers Endless Summer Fun

If you want to create some special memories this summer, take a trip to Old Town in San Diego. This cultural and historical treasure in the heart of the city features countless points of interest. 1,032 more words

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10 Reasons Why you should visit the USS Midway in San Diego

San Diego has many fine sights to see, but there are very few that are as awe-inspiring as the USS Midway Museum. Easy to get to from anywhere, the USS Midway Museum is officially located alongside Navy Pier at 910 North Harbor Drive in Downtown San Diego. 1,005 more words


Great Places to Kill Time in San Diego: Try these 3 Family Fun Things to Do

Don’t you hate it when you have the whole day free and you can’t think of a place to go? If you would rather do something other than go shopping or stay in your hotel room and watch TV, here is a suggestion that will appeal to the whole family. 939 more words

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Enjoy a Romantic Valentine's Day Getaway Weekend in San Diego

Does the idea of Valentine’s Day spark your sense of romance? Can you practically feel love in the air as soon as February arrives? If you wait all year to celebrate this special holiday, the city of San Diego is waiting for you. 454 more words

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Visiting the USS Midway Museum During the Holiday Season

Built in 1945, the USS Midway is a sizable aircraft carrier that was in service until 1992, and it is the only carrier that was active for the entire duration of the Cold War. 368 more words

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San Diego's Must-See Museums

San Diego’s Must See Museums

Whether you’re a die-hard museum goer or a casual weekend visitor, San Diego has plenty of museums to fit every fancy. 469 more words