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Water Break! And now lingerie football updates.

Think about how much that AstroTurf has gotta burn!  Later on at the bar all the girls are trying to explain the mysterious rashes covering their lady parts.  63 more words

It's Lingerie Bowl time!

I am so excited about the Lingire bowl. Just think next year, I’ll be playing in it!! the teams going against each other are super fierce and the whole show goes down in about eight hours. 68 more words

Getting my butt in gear!

So, I have absolutely fallen in love with the LFL- and by the way if you don’t know who they are, or if your perception of the league is that it is a bunch of girls running around in lingerie pretending to play football- then you have NO idea what this is really about. 430 more words

Denver Dream V.S.San Diego Seduction

Tonight the Denver Dream are in San Diego to face the Seduction. The game is at 9:00 Eastern Time at the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego California. 8 more words

Want To Play For The San Diego Seduction?

This Saturday, NOVEMBER 7th attend the open-call tryout at the below location for a chance to play on the Lingerie Football League’s, San Diego Seduction! (This will be the only tryout held to participate in the 2009/2010 season) 47 more words

Dallas Desire Dominates

Last night the Dallas desire came into San Diego and beat the San Diego seduction 40-6. The Desire are now 2-0 and are starting to look like a powerhouse. Stay tuned for more info.

Tonights LFL Game

Tonight’s Lingerie Football League game will be played in sunny San Diego, at the San Diego Sports Arena. The beautiful women of the San Diego Seduction will be hosting the Dallas Desire. 28 more words