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By Melinda Ginne

In 1967, it was mandatory for students to live in the dorms in their first year at San Diego State University. It was also mandatory for dorm dwelling women to wear a skirt or dress on campus; pants were not allowed. 1,300 more words

05.12.16 -- Graduation at SDSU

One of my favorite undergraduate professors once told me: “There will never be another event where every single person in the room is happy for someone else.” He was absolutely right. 488 more words

Personal Log

San Diego Sports Domination’s 4-Year Anniversary

San Diego Sports Domination is an award-winning sports blog based in San Diego, California. Let me provide little bit of background on San Diego Sports Domination (SDSD for short). 797 more words

San Diego Sports Domination

Man accused of grabbing SDSU students spotted near campus

SAN DIEGO — San Diego State University is warning students to be extra cautious when walking near the school after several females were allegedly touched by a man on campus. 106 more words


Newly discovered planet orbits two suns – oh and its enormous

SAN DIEGO — Astronomers at San Diego State University and NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center announced Monday the discovery of the largest planet to orbit two stars. 439 more words


Why you should love the roommates you hate...

After many nights in the library, many phone calls with mom, and many unforgettable moments… I have finally completed my first year of college. Mostly, I want to dedicate this post to anyone who may be finding themselves spending the rest of the summer biting their nails thinking of their freshman year at college and the amazing journey that they are about to embark… 1,179 more words

Eliana || Graduation

I had the pleasure of doing graduation pictures for the lovely Eliana last week. I love how her pictures turned out. Congrats on Graduating this past week, I am so proud of my fellow SDSU grads. 6 more words

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