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Coconut Tres Leches Cake with Rosewater Frosting

Light fare with a trio of milk.

I took a weekend trip to San Diego, California in December 2014 with fellow food blogger, Veena Bissram (creator of… 747 more words


"I need help", he said.

This past Sunday morning someone stumbled into my life, briefly.  It was early morning and pouring rain, which was unusual weather for southern California, after many months of drought.   1,215 more words

'Bonde' girl gets Jesus and gets out of sex industry

Laura Lee Bonde had to cry. After she courageously shared her Christian testimony at a porn industry convention, a man coldly offered her a job to get back into the ‘adult entertainment’ industry. 260 more words



Life is noisy, whether it be focus-stealing sounds we wish to avoid or the din our neighbors resent, something is always creeping into consciousness. At Soundproof San Diego, we value tranquility and we believe it is attainable. 44 more words

How To Soundproof A Room

Bridges of Banker's Hill, San Diego

In my old neighborhood of Banker’s Hill in San Diego, California we have many old bridges crossing over the canyons. Banker’s Hill is just one mile north of downtown next to Balboa Park. 23 more words


A Savage at Heart / Chapter 2

“And there find a haven when peril’s abroad”

from “The Maldive Shark” (a poem)


 If we’re lucky, we can look back on the choices that have built our lives with a sigh of satisfaction much as the narrator of Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” does. 1,120 more words

This Year's Souvenir Book Cover

There are a few significant milestones that always mark the road to Comic-Con. Each year, CCI carefully selects the cover art for their annual Souvenir Book and it has become one of my favorite keepsakes from each show. 66 more words