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Alcohol Sales Ban In Talks For Levi’s Stadium

Santa Clara city council members are expressing safety concerns after a Minnesota Vikings fan was beaten following the 49ers home game on Monday, September 14th, at Levi’s Stadium. 129 more words


REPRINT: Resolving debt isn't so bad, if it's done right by Robert Fulghum

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

A huge benefit from my 10-Day Clutter Free Challenge is that I’m finding some great treasures I saved from 5, 10, 15+ years ago. 78 more words


"Don't Trust Anyone Over 30" (November 13, 2012)

Jack Weinberg issued these words of caution during the heady, tumultuous and revolutionary 1960s, a period of American history that witnessed the explosion of the Civil Rights movement, popular rebellion against the Vietnam War and post-World War II economic growth that provided members of the middle class with enough material comfort to consider issues larger than their own immediate survival. 389 more words

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Freedom of Conscience

The pharmacists who want “freedom of conscience” to refuse to fill legal prescriptions for women seeking contraceptive devices are no different from the diner owners who wanted “freedom of conscience” not to serve blacks. 242 more words


From Pop Up to Permanent: How Lazy Bear's Restaurant Came to Be

Located in the Mission District, San Francisco’s Lazy Bear is one of the most successful and unconventional openings of the past 12 months. As an unemployed former lawyer, David Barzelay started Lazy Bear (see the anagram?) with his wife in their apartment mainly to satisfy his desire to cook. 1,272 more words
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My All-Time Favorite Typo

This goes back a long way, but it is a typo I saw with my own eyes in the San Francisco Chronicle (often called the… 155 more words

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Theater Around The Bay: Praise For Saturday Write Fever!

Just in case you missed it, Saturday Writer Fever got some awesome praise this past weekend from no less than the San Francisco Chronicle! 65 more words

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