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Brown should repeal the fiscal irresponsibility pushed by the teachers union

The volatility of the state’s economy should give the governor good reason to restore the authority of local school districts to create a buffer for future downturns. 92 more words


Selena Gomez at SAP Center

Aidin Vaziri | There’s nothing more uncomfortable than watching a former child star make that scramble for adulthood. It usually involves shedding clothes, suffering a nervous breakdown or two and, at least in Justin Bieber’s case, getting bad facial tattoos. 221 more words

Aidin Vaziri

Arhoolie Goes to the Smithsonian

Aidin Vaziri | Chris Strachwitz, the founder and driving force behind the long-running Bay Area independent label Arhoolie Records, spent more than five decades documenting the work of American folk, gospel and blues musicians operating on the fringe. 122 more words

Aidin Vaziri

Rihanna Strips Down in San Jose

Aidin Vaziri | The “Anti” tour is Rihanna’s attempt at understatement. At a stop at the SAP Center in San Jose on Friday, May 6, the 28-year-old Barbadian singer, known for her racy Instragram posts and raunchy pop hits, opened the concert not with one of her many club bangers but the mournful piano ballad “Stay.” as she stood draped in an oversize canvas hoodie atop a bare white platform in the middle of the arena floor. 158 more words

Aidin Vaziri

Muse if You Must: Bay Area Lit Festivals

Literary heads in the Bay Area, rejoice!

I know most of us would rather curl up with a book on the weekend, avoid the crowds, be content with the company of a warm cup of coffee, a book in hand. 270 more words


Prince: Purple Reign

Prince didn’t like to play by the rules and remained an enigma to the end.

The 57-year-old singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, who died Thursday at his estate in a Minneapolis suburb, had little respect for genres, tumbling freely and confidently among funk, rock, R&B, jazz and everything along the way. 181 more words

Aidin Vaziri

Golden Season

Well, how about that game last night? After the slugfest with the Spurs last weekend, I’m certainly glad for the easy street win to 73. Thank you for the anti-climactic, history-making game, and the kind reprieve to my stomach because I wasn’t prepared with the adequate supplies of Tums. 397 more words