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Homeschool Dreaming; Wandering around the World

{San Diego}

Don’t you just love this quaint restaurant on the water. I could look at this picture for hours intrigued but the old wood and the water. 565 more words

31 Days Of Homeschool Adventures

Fatty Arbuckle: Hollywood's First Sex Scandal

The current Hollywood scandal engulfing Harvey Weinstein is sending shockwaves across showbiz communities.  Almost daily new allegations emerge from actresses who accuse him of sexual harassment and even assault.   838 more words


Time to bite the Bullitt? Is a 2v possibly the next cheap collector's car?

In the 90s and early 2000s Ford built many special edition mustangs under the Ford flag before ALL the upfitting companies went big time with their mustang lines. 712 more words

To Conserve or Preserve...That is the Question

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to be giving you a brief rundown of my thoughts of conservation versus preservation in the National Park System. 518 more words


Smooth Flying

Flying from San Fransisco to Mumbai with Korean Air, although long, was awesome. Seriously, who could complain about getting slippers, bottled water, tooth brush, etc. before beginning 22 hours of flying? 90 more words


On Saturday night, behind a nondescript door on Potrero Avenue, people drank medicated Chardonnay and painted with lightning. Dubbed Virtual Reality Elevated, the event represented the latest in the partnership between cannabis-event planners The Art of Edibles and GRASSFED.


As the sunsets and the moon rises Nostaglia fills the air. 

It’s 8:52, as it were Ive decided to sit down and type up this post. Beside me is The Art of War by Sun Tsu, a glass of ¥300 wine and an MP3 player blasting Rob Zombie. 840 more words