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Calling All 49er fans TOUCH DOWN!

Despite being a New Englander Tony McNeil has been a loyal 9er’s fan since the days of Montana and Rice. About the only thing he liked as much was his Hennessy. 249 more words

Glitter and sand

I really like San Francisco. It’s probably my favourite city outside of Liverpool, which is really saying something. A lot of the reason I like it so much comes down to the stuff I posted about last time- people are friendly and tend to share my values. 2,647 more words


Community is an interesting concept, and one that I’ve given quite a lot of thought to over the years. I spent twelve months after uni working as a Community Organiser (hi guys) which… 1,944 more words

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Jakarta – Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – London – San Fransisco – Yogyakarta (Feb – Apr 2016)


Hundreds of protesters striking at SF City Hall over police killings

‘Hundreds of people are protesting at San Francisco City Hall on Monday, expressing support for five people who conducted a hunger strike lasting more than two weeks, and pushing for an end to police brutality and the removal of the city’s police chief. 100 more words