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Reading Clouds

Climbing into the San Gabriels on a Saturday in May 2016, we drove into clouds. From the outside, it seemed like the transition from sky to cloud would be crisp, but it turned out to be an ambiguous passage. 1,330 more words

San Gabriels


Inspired by the Los Angeles Review of Book’s recent “Speaking Substances” series, I thought I would try the form as a collection of blog entries. The LARB pieces ask, “What if the best source of news about the planetary effects of environmental damage was the planet itself?” It explores four elemental media: Rocks, Bodies, Ice, and Oil. 802 more words

San Gabriels

Baden-Powell 3: Thoreau, or, Living in the Body

I was alone on the northwest flank of Mt. Hawkins leaning against my pack and squinting into the sky. The grass and branches of the manzanita stirred. 2,049 more words

San Gabriels

Baden-Powell: The Glider, Parts 1, 2, and 3


When we got to Little Jimmy, The Husband and I divided up the tasks, the way husbands and wives do. He put the Whisperlite stove together and got dinner started while I set up the tarp and sleeping bags. 3,116 more words

San Gabriels

Baden-Powell: Night Hike, 2

(As a quick recap, last time I posted about undertaking a night hike to the top of Mt. Islip, over and above Son the Younger’s particular resistance to it.) 747 more words

San Gabriels

Baden-Powell: Night-Hike, 1

Backcountry hiking plays into the satisfaction I gain from completing things on schedule. I plan the meals, I plan the mileage, I plan the timing, and I love it when we hike into a campsite about when I thought we would. 1,246 more words

San Gabriels