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What Makes Us Human, What Makes Us Good

Photo by Paul Mayer


I am walking in the woods alongside the sea pondering these questions: what makes us human, and what makes us good? 535 more words

San Juan Island

What's the Deal With External Validation? The Struggle to Love My Own Life

Ever since I left my happy little childhood nook in northern Idaho for college in Indiana, I’ve been on an insatiable search. I’m constantly seeking inspiration and affirmation that everything I’m feeling (restlessness and loneliness) and doing (switching jobs and moving across the Pacific Ocean every 6 months) isn’t crazy. 991 more words


San Juan Island

Last weekend, Monty and I took a day trip to San Juan Island. This is just one of the eight members of the San Juan Islands. 717 more words

Sixth Blog Birthday

January 1st marked the 6th blog birthday for The Traveling Pear.  A day that came and went like most days as of late.  Our days are filled with just living life with our little pear, and occasional roadtrips. 469 more words

What's New With The Pear?

The Mystery Chair

Sitting on top of the water at Egg Lake is a chair.  It’s deep there, how did it get there?  It’s a Mystery.

San Juan Island