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One Day I Went To Venice...

…and it was hot, muggy and a veritable sardine can of tourist overnighters and day-trippers. I was cleverly dressed top-to-toe in denim so obviously, a mild case of sweat-stroke was imminent. 522 more words

Wander & Lust

Day 62 and 63: Venice, Italy

Day 62 and 63: September 22nd and 23rd

We had a wonderful time in Florence and were ready for Venice now. We were traveling to Venice on a Sunday..which in hindsight may not have been the best idea as we couldn’t even get seats on the train. 362 more words


A surprising book cover

This was one of the first digital photos I ever took, I had just bought a new DSLR and had a week in Venice.

When visiting famous cities it can be so easy to get caught up in shooting the ‘normal’ stock photos, Gondolas, Carnival Masks, Churches etc. 105 more words

Darren Green

Venice - St Mark's Square clock tower (San Marco Piazza Torre dell'Orologio)

The Clock Tower (Italian: Torre dell’Orologio) on the North side of St Mark’s Square (San Marco Piazza) was constructed in 1496-97, and marks the entrance (Merceria) to the streets leading arriving merchants to the Rialto markets. 244 more words


Venice - St Mark's Square (San Marco Piazza)

The focal point of Venice, St Mark’s Square (Italian: San Marco Piazza) is a mecca for tourists, and for good reason! Its origins date as far back as 800 AD, and it contains St Mark’s church (San Marco Basilica), the Clock Tower (Torre dell’Orologio), the Correr Museum (Museo Correr), and off to the side, the Doges Palace. 181 more words