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US-Ukraine "partnership" threatens new Chernobyl-style disaster

The company Holtec mentioned here is the company making the San Onofre nuclear waste storage system that the California Coastal Commission approved in 2015 to be installed at the ocean adjacent to millions of people in Southern California. 909 more words

State senate demands DOE remove nuclear waste from San Onofre

SAN ONOFRE, Calif. — The state Senate Thursday passed a resolution demanding that the U.S. Department of Energy remove stored nuclear waste at the shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. 188 more words


Dead whales washing up in Southern California

Two dead whales and “it was Mother Nature taking its course.” Really? Just like all the dead marine mammals washing up along the coast?

And there will be a lot more than dead whales when those nuclear waste containers crack open that are being buried on the beach at San Onofre. 342 more words

Dead Whale Carcass Continues to Attract Curiosity Seekers at Beach Near San Clemente

A dead whale on Tuesday continued to attract curiosity seekers to Trestles, a popular surfing destination near the Orange County-San Diego County line, one day after the massive mammal washed ashore. 36 more words

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Mike Aguirre pushes for answers on San Onofre probe

SAN DIEGO – Former City Attorney Mike Aguirre is urging state Attorney General Kamala Harris to enforce criminal search warrants issued against Southern California Edison and the California Public Utilities Commission in connection with the shutdown of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. 20 more words