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San Onofre and Growing Up

Prologue (Part 2 of 3)

Crown of the Sea
My “San Onofre experience” and growing up in Corona del Mar plays a big part fitting this work/life balance puzzle together. 2,036 more words

Letter to Vermont: "We also have a nuclear waste dump at San Onofre"

Regarding the problems with decommissioning the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant and with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
a reader from California wrote this letter: 127 more words

Day 14 (ish)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Today would be my last day in Arizona.  From my campground, I headed up to Incinerator Ridge on Mount Lemmon.  I wasn’t expecting to add much up here, but a few more looks at Arizona mountain birds would be nice.   434 more words


Malibu and “The Greatest Generation”

Prologue (Part 1 of 3)

“Surfing is the deceptively simple act of riding a breaking ocean wave on a surfboard. In reality, as a fundamental physical feat, surfing on a wave is a phenomenal conjunction of forces; the mathematics of it are profoundly complex. 1,522 more words

Planning my epic road trip - the South California leg

I’ve birded South California once a year ago.  Everything is expensive.  It’s too crowded.  The scenery is nice though.

Day 11 (SundayJune 22) – Salton Sea… 498 more words

Birding Trips

The Enviro-Favoritism That's Keeping California Less Green

In a previous RealClearMarkets column, I asked whether California could actually get any greener than it currently is. This matters when we remember that Golden State politics are increasingly centered on who can propose the most aggressive environmental plan. 687 more words

Carson Bruno

Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol is what surfers do when they get up in the still dark morning to get to the surf break before the sun rises.  An… 39 more words