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I'll Be There For You (2)

“Why don’t you just call her up?” Rehan asked as he walked into the kitchen to see Aahil playing around with his phone distractedly. “What? Who?” he asked. 4,614 more words


I'll Be There For You (1)

“I don’t like the look of him…” Sanam said to Seher, Rehan and Shazia in the kitchen while an affable Aahil waited in the lounge for them to discuss. 4,300 more words


Just Say Yes (2)

“I don’t know, man…I think it’s time to call it quits with her” Aahil lamented to Rehan. Rehan shook his head. He’d watched Aahil run after Seher’s twin for close on a year now, with no result. 5,933 more words


Just Say Yes (1)

“I’m going to get you, Sanam… One of these days…” Aahil said, leaning lazily against the locker.

“In your dreams, Aahil. Stay away from me!” Sanam slammed the locker door. 4,136 more words


Love Is...

“Sanam! Give Aahil his iPad back. Now!” Zoya said sternly to her four year old daughter, who had taken her patient’s source of comfort away from him, thus making him huddle in a corner of the therapy room she used at the clinic she worked in. 8,457 more words


O Sanam

Song : O Sanam
Singer : Lucky Ali
Album : Sunoh

Strumming Pattern 1 : DD UU D


(G)Sham sav(Am)area teri, (G)yadain aati (Am)hain… 179 more words


Sanam Re

Song : Sanam Re
Movie : Sanam Re
Singer : Mithoon, Arijit Singh, Anirudh Bhola

Strumming Pattern : Pattern 1(advance) D Um Dm U ( Dm= Muted Down Stroke Um=Muted Up Stroke ) 288 more words