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Fighting Melancholia: What Don Quixote Teaches Us, by Françoise Davoine

The Therapist as Therapon: A Healing Sancho Panzo

The success of Cervantes’ classic novel Don Quixote – reputed to be the second bestselling book after the Bible – is no doubt due in large part to the author’s remarkable skill in telling a story, as he puts it, “to fight melancholia”. 1,244 more words



A sidekick is a person who helps and spends a lot of time with someone. He or she is associated with another as a partner or a subordinate. 380 more words


Believe It Or Not

After reading the summary of Don Quixote (and some selected chapters from the book), I personally believe that it was written for two reasons – a literal one and a much deeper one. 273 more words

3rd Quarter

Smaller Giants

S Cubed has the same name as his father and grandfather.  So his name is S-S but if they extended the names back three generations, it would be S-S-S or S Cubed! 326 more words



All things considered I’m inclined to believe that even among his supporters only a minority continue to believe Peltier is innocent.

They are of course obliged if pressed to say he is, but as time has… 634 more words

Sancho Panza present Santa Panza

Sancho Panza was born in a warehouse on New Years Eve 1992. £5 on the door for a basement studio, paint peeling off the walls, absolutely rammed and no fire exit…. 310 more words