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Abiding in the Vine ~ at Satisfaction Through Christ

I looked over at the little stump of cantaloupe branch I had cut off and thrown away. Because it hadn’t been abiding in the main vine, it had dried up. 130 more words


Calvin's Social Agenda

In my previous two posts (here and here), I have quoted from a series of sermons given by Calvin on 1 Corinthian 11:11-16. The sermons shed light on Calvin’s view of social hierarchy, social mobility, and social customs; and he sounds much more medieval… 1,247 more words


Finish, then, thy new creation

A question for my brothers and sisters who claim an ongoing connection with Wesleyan theology: Do you affirm the doctrine of Christian Perfection?

Huge numbers of Christians do not. 350 more words


Steven Hein on The Experience of Maturity

The more the New Self grows into the maturity of the full stature of Christ, the more intense our spiritual warfare. Christ sees our corrupt colors perfectly and hates them with a righteous hatred. 589 more words


Living in the Gray

I finished intensive treatment two weeks ago today. My “tune-up” lasted from mid-May to July 1st, and if asked two Wednesdays ago, my last day of IOP, how I felt about transitioning out of daily treatment, I would have answered that I was very hopeful and ready to move on from this.  975 more words

Total Man, Total Christ, Total Death, Total Life

If we are not led by the Spirit into the kingdom of Christ then we are eo ipso in the kingdom of Satan, and then one’s whole empirical piety is nothing other than condemned works of the law. 679 more words


Keeping the Fire: A Life Survival Guide

There is a character in literature that we sometimes call ‘The Hemingway Hero”. Based on some of Hemingway’s characters and inspired by his life- the Hemingway hero is the man who just endures for the sake of enduring. 1,532 more words

Cultural Influences