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The Reformed View of Sanctification

Sinclair Ferguson:

Reformed theology owes a special debt to the principles of biblical exposition recovered for the church at the time of the Reformation. It is particularly associated with the work of John Calvin, but was later developed by such seventeenth-century Puritans as John Owen and Thomas Goodwin (in England), and Thomas Hooker and John Cotton (in New England). 12,349 more words


…grace does not simply jump to move us to action without first moving us as persons. Sanctifying grace changes the person, not merely the aggregation of their actions.

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Body Of Christ

Safe Spaces and Wearing Our Hearts on Our Sleeves: 6 Ways to Follow Jesus' Example of Handling Hurt

Political correctness.

Safe spaces.

Trigger warnings.


You can hardly say the sky is blue or water is wet these days without offending somebody. It shouldn’t be surprising to us that when self reigns on the throne of a person’s heart, she will bow down and serve the king of personal feelings. 1,574 more words

Christian Women

Jonah’s Unhallowing of God’s Name

I love that God is always on the move, working in us and around us, even in spite of our failures to acknowledge Him or act in ways that don’t honor Him. 485 more words


A Tick On the Clock

If none of the things you want most out of life could be resolved by Jesus coming back, your heart is not calibrated correctly.  

Your heart was designed to commune with God.   715 more words


Sanctification > Resolutions: 6 Ways God Could Sanctify You in the New Year

Happy New Year!

There’s just something about the beginning of a new year that brings with it a yen for getting a fresh start. We think back over the past year, evaluate what we’ve spent our time and efforts on – or what we… 1,297 more words

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