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Wearing Christ

Why do we put on our Lord Jesus?
Wear Him like a suit of armour?
Wear Him like a new suit or dress?

You shield from lusting flesh. 99 more words


The Redemption of Boredom ~ at Borrowed Light

Have you ever noticed how many boring moments there are in life?…And if God can redeem our boring moments for His purposes, maybe we could start looking for ways to redeem them for His glory as well. 53 more words


From Atheist to A Lutheran Pulpit (The Remix)

I was an atheist until I was twenty four. I was raised by an atheist. As a young man, I studied the writings of atheists. In college I scolded Christians for their naive stupidity. 1,887 more words

Brought Low

– Being holy,
– Being almighty,
– Being God,
Made Yourself low.
Took on this human form.
A carpenter born in a barn.

Your arms outstretched, 183 more words


“So clearly Jesus gave Paul an amazing contentment.

[Philippians 3:8 and 4:11-13] are amazing verses. We all just long to be like that. I do.

329 more words

Disciplined Because of Sin

Despair fills my lungs with every breath,
And loneliness stares and points from every direction.

You give and take away.

You love Your children.
Who You love, You discipline. 135 more words


Jesus Wants You to Be a Hater ~ at Satisfaction Through Christ

Did you know that the Bible actually tells us to hate certain things? Not people who disagree with us or people enslaved by sin- that’s the world’s definition of being a hater…But as Christians, the Bible tells us there are certain things it is good and holy for us to hate. 59 more words