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A Catechism for Our Day

The Word of God is always relevant.  And our hearts will be healthier when they are brought under it.

A Christian who brings Scripture and the God of Scripture to bear on his thoughts, emotions, choices, philosophy, theology, self-talk, vocation, family dynamic, behaviors, hobbies, and habits will be a Christian whose spiritual muscles and bones and organs are working properly.   607 more words


How Does the Holy Spirit Actually Produce Change in Us?

A rich and wise answer from Abraham Kuyper:

Dwelling in the elect, the Spirit does not slumber, nor does He keep an eternal Sabbath, in idleness shutting Himself up in their hearts; but as divine Worker He seeks from within to fill their individual persons, pouring the stream of His divine brightness through every space. 294 more words


Let Us Live The Lord's Way - Not The World's Way.

The people of God lived in a situation where there was much idolatry. For them, there could be no compromise. We are to be watchful as the Lord’s Return draws near. 91 more words


Watch Your Language! 10 Christian Terms that Need to be Cleaned Up

What would you think of a surgeon who forgot to take his scalpel to work one day and decided his pocketknife would be an adequate substitute? 1,611 more words


Sanctification Is a Direction

David Powlison:

Sanctification Is a Lifelong Process

Often our practical view of sanctification, discipleship, and counseling posits a monochromatic answer and takes the short view. 1,531 more words


Killing Anxiety

For a Christian, anxious thinking is illogical thinking.

When a Christian is anxious, he is assigning more weight, more power, to his problem than to God. 707 more words


Don't Take This Personally

No one’s life has ever been made better by taking more things personally.

With each gesture, each word or tone of voice that I choose to take as an affront to my worth or goodness I make myself a little more miserable and a little more insufferable. 295 more words