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'There's No Other Explanation But God': Teen Wakes Up After Doctors Declared Him Brain Dead | The Stream

Its stories like these that always concern me when doctors say that someone is brain dead. There have been many stories like these, where an individual suffers a severe injury or illness, goes into a non responsive state, and then becomes conscious again. 188 more words

Sanctity Of Life

Why Should the Christian Care About Abortion?

Why should the Christian care about abortion? Maybe you have been asked this question. Generally we get this question whenever we stand in opposition to abortion. 2,020 more words

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When Pro Aborts Call the Pre-Born "a Baby"

Anyone who understands the science of how a baby is developed in the womb knows the reality of the humanity of the preborn child. For that reason, most people who understand this science are not in favor of abortion. 187 more words

Sanctity Of Life

Defending Life

This is not more extended commentary on the sad fate of Alfie Evans.

Nor is it another entry into the fiery debate over the politics of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution that was reignited with the horrific tragedy in Parkland, Florida. 735 more words


Alfie Evans, His Father And The Culture Of Death

I’m only going to write very briefly on this, as I’m about to pray a rosary for little Alfie.

There has been so much vitriol towards the Evans family in England. 177 more words