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Puzzle of the day : What is she trying to say?

This pro abortion politician says that by paying for all abortions , the federal government will be saving money. But can you follow her logic? I’ve gone through her statement several times, and still can’t understand how that would save the government money. 13 more words

Sanctity Of Life

safety & the sword lily

TW: sexual harassment

I was at an Asian grocery store after not having gone there for a while. I was feeling pretty cheery; the smell of the place is nostalgic in a good way, and their prices for veggies can’t be beat. 1,753 more words

The effects of low population growth in Japan

For decades, there has been a low population growth in many countries. This is especially so in Japan and in Western Europe. Abortion is a big factor in many of those countries. 64 more words

Sanctity Of Life

House Votes 245-182 for Conscience Protection Act

This is needed because the White House and California have been trying to push people to promote or participate in abortions.


Religious Freedom