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Against My Soul part 2

I can do it.  I can vote for Trump.  As I looked at the last debate, it became clear which side was part adolescent, but also which side was against the sanctity of life.   661 more words


Disabled UK Lawmaker Speaks on His Bill to Stop Abortion of Disabled: ‘How Dare You Wipe Us Out As Mere Conditions?’

Disability does not make anyone less human, yet that appears to be a primary reason for abortion. “Wantedness” is the primary characteristic when it comes to abortion. 74 more words

Sanctity Of Life

Before We Wish We Could Turn Back Time: Confronting New "Crusaders" and Combatting the Roots of Bitterness in our Own Hearts

Where does it begin, the hatred that wants to hear women and children scream in terror? What kind of narrative makes one willing to cause their suffering? 1,296 more words

Appeals Court Upholds California Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions

California is quickly becoming a state where any ethical or religious objections to liberal causes are being outlawed. Now, the state is forcing the speech of pro-life clinics. 12 more words

Religious Freedom

Ethical Concerns for Three Person Baby

There are concerns that countries with less stringent laws are using scientific advancements for three person babies not as a means to help couples get pregnant without the presence of certain genetic diseases, but instead simply to boost fertility in places like the Ukraine. 73 more words