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What they don't like to tell you about Charlie Gard

Sad story Charlie card is unfortunately just one more story that we hear about the institutionalize taking of an innocent human life. There have been others across the years, but this one has target so many hearts because the victim is a baby. 311 more words

Sanctity Of Life

Free abortions for everyone including illegals; Oregon’s Dem governor about to sign bill into law | Conservative News Today

This is absurd but unsurprising since Democrats hold a powerful control over Oregon’s state government. Of course liberals , who believe abortion is a sacred thing that cannot be spoken against, would want abortion as easy to get as possible. 48 more words

Sanctity Of Life

The Bees

​A short summer spent
Torn between heart and hive
Suckle on nature’s blooms
We are the most vital
Being; without us
All is lost



What If You’re Charlie Gard’s Parents? | The Stream

For those of you who have never had to care for a disabled child, this is a very revealing interview. It’s difficult, and it’s very stressful. 30 more words

Sanctity Of Life

Who's Killing Charlie Gard? And Why Won't the Vatican Help Him? | The Stream

Most people don’t like to think about the concept of euthanasia. After all, people who are considering killing themselves are often in a very difficult physical state or mental state. 39 more words

Sanctity Of Life