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How Middle School is Preparing Me for Marriage (More Aptly Titled: Getting Schooled by my Students)

I am a middle school religion teacher. Every day, Monday through Friday, I have the joy of teaching some of the greatest and goofiest eleven through thirteen year olds I’ve ever met about the insane love that God has for them and the glory of His self-revelation contained in the teaching of the Church. 1,480 more words


377 - An Ode to TMS

Poem number 377
An Ode To TMS
The world is pretty rubbish
There is no denying that,
So console yourself with TMS
Whilst England are at bat. 206 more words


God of Radiant Light

All that is good

All that is pure

The light of the world

It rests in the palms of his hands


Not an ounce of evil… 86 more words



Shuffling between wants, needs and necessity

Once again, you visited me in my sleep.

This time,

You wore the smile of an assassin

With every intention… 61 more words


I want my share in your potential mind

Love let you impatiently hunger for more.

Steven M Ross © 09.11.2015

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Life is Precious.

A couple weeks ago I went to a peaceful protest at a Planned Parenthood. I’ve always had very pro-life views, I believe fully in the sanctity of life after conception. 352 more words


I miss you already, understand?

I miss you already


Baby I can’t really

Get you off my mind

I know that’s cheesy

Perhaps a bit bland

Roll your eyes, ignore me… 53 more words