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St. Joseph, model of every virtue, obtain for us your interior spirit.  In loving and active silence, in the practice of all religious and civil laws, in docility to everything God willed, you arrived at a high degree of sanctity and heavenly glory. 51 more words

Sacrificing the Sanctity of Land at the Altar of Energy

Charles W. Johnson — Times Argus — April 13, 2015

Something big is missing from our public debates about industrial wind turbines on our ridgelines. It’s something never talked about in testimony to the Legislature or at legal hearings on the subject.

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Anagnorisis -- Ignorance To Knowledge

Grasping for Sanctity (And Sanity!)

Before I had kids, holiness seemed like something that was attainable, albeit difficult. There was a routine to follow that made sense as ways to “accomplish” sanctity marked by daily mass, holy hours, and personal prayer time. 320 more words

Western Harbour

They came.
Like cockroaches on the rocks,
Infested the bay.
Washed away my memories.
Corrupted my sanctity,
With their vile innocence and innocent purity.

They came. 152 more words


When I Dream of Fire

It was dark and the house had no windows. Whether day light prevailed beyond the mortar that surrounded me I have no idea, but in the back of my mind I hoped it did. 800 more words



Take away from me

These sheets of white,

Coffee stained, marred

With misdeeds.

You’re erroneous, darling,

In believing I’m oblivious.

I see well beyond deception. 94 more words


I Give Myself Away

“Sanctity, then, is not giving up the world. It is exchanging the world.

It is a continuation of that sublime transaction of the Incarnation in which Christ said to man: 95 more words