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Meat-Free Monday: Why Not Eat Vegan? 

There are a few reasons beyond just the obvious one: it’s a big adjustment to your life and can be quite inconvenient and difficult if you don’t live a bigger city. 536 more words


Fall Reading Guide Week 4

For use at the small group meetings on Wednesday, October 26th and Sunday, October 30th.

I Believe in Love, Chapter 4 “Abandonment to Jesus”

Guided Reading Questions… 241 more words


Love for Love Summary

Small group discussion summary from chapter 1, “Love for Love”, of I Believe in Love.

My apologies! I meant to post a summary each week for those of you following along with the fall small groups exclusively online, but I am a little behind. 670 more words


The Chemistry of the Blood, Part 5

The significance and sanctity of the blood “type” of Jesus continues to be unfolded. By the uncovering of these truths, each Christian will walk with even greater purpose! 61 more words

Audio Teaching

Sanctity of the Home

No doubt we have all heard of the importance of treating our bodies as sacred. I picked it up from my days of forcibly having to attend church as a youth. 443 more words


He is Human

I gave him a detention for typing something inappropriate into his graphing calculator.  Understandably, that made him upset.  As class progressed, I had them work in partners and he was not interested in doing anything I asked. 336 more words



I was recently appointed by Kompas Gramedia
(the largest media conglomerate in Indonesia) to translate, edit and ‘proofread’ as they credited… a book titled:

Jerusalem: Sanctity, Conflict, and Final Judgment… 139 more words

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