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Interest in Scandal vs. Interest in Sanctity

Paul nodded as they passed the Carmes: “I’m glad you showed me that, Randi.—For of course we’ve heard of the September massacres. but it was never pointed out to us that the revolution was a fight against all acknowledged authority—on the part of those who sought to make themselves authorities. 196 more words


My Calming Island

We all have times where we want to be alone, secluded in our world where no one can come in and disturb our thoughts or our lives. 159 more words

Daily Prompt

Sanctity ~ by Nana Yaa Asantewaa Asante-Darko — girdblog

So, I got published on Gird☺️☺️☺️ .

You can click on the highlighted portion to read the work on Girdblog.

Thank you , Nana Karikari. 63 more words



Its interesting to note that sufferings when accepted brings one closer to God.
Putting it in other words when not accepted, suffering has no value of its own. 11 more words



When most people think of embarrassment, they usually speak of rather trivial happenings. Holes in pants, falling in mud or having something in their teeth, for instance.

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The Medium is the Message

“My, that’s a beautiful baby you have there!” MOTHER: “Oh, that’s nothing—you should see his photograph!”
The medium: Mobile Device

The message: The artifice is better and more important than life.

Put down the medium.


The One Voice That Matter

Am I the only one who gets frustrated over how many people seem to worm their way into other peoples business in an attempt to “help”? 426 more words