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The Beach

I was a beach baby. That may not be surprising, seeing as how I grew up in Miami. What may be surprising is how much I hated going to the beach as a kid. 430 more words


Bright Castles (A Poem by Jan Decena)

“I believed that I am ready

but I remembered wishing

for a mirror in front of me

my reflection saying “I am steady”.

I came with a golden armour… 459 more words

Creative Writing

Kicking in Sand Castles

There is no reason to call others on their truth…
To inflict your reality on them
To do so is to impose your sense of value. 35 more words

Blog Post

Sand castles and fast breaks!!

Double duty.

The lure of the hardwood, and the lure of (cold) beaches, vied for prominence during the first two days of the Coupeville High School girls’ basketball team’s annual trip to Ocean Shores. 99 more words

CHS Wolves

Sand Castles

I see myself standing in the sand as I keep mum
It doesn’t matter I move or be steady,
I feel myself drowning in the ambush of conundrum… 132 more words

Creative Writings

Our Weekend at the Beach

“Rain rain go away! Come again some other day!”

The last day of our beach vacation just got cut short due to the rain. There was so much rain in fact that I got a flash flood warning alert on my phone. 263 more words

Kid Activities

Riding the Whirlwind

Life has sent me a continual string of surprises, mostly great ones, thank God. I’ve been commuting from Dallas to LA for the recording sessions and getting VERY familiar with the big blue bus in the sky (Southwest Airlines). 134 more words