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China Deploys Artillery On "Sand Castles" In South China Sea

Source: ZeroHedge

When last we checked in on what has to this point been a war only of words (although that could change quickly) between the US and China over the latter’s island-building efforts in the South China Sea, Beijing had just issued its… 281 more words

World At WAR

Series of Amazing Days

I love when a series of days just goes so well. I mean, it hasn’t been perfect. The kids have been beyond irritating these last couple of days, mainly the boys. 329 more words


Light within

She sings her song
Dressed in jewels falling
Like mermaid tears
Glittering on sand.
She builds her castles
The higher ground shifting
Still washes out to sea… 89 more words


My Mexican Mother's Day: Day 2

A little vaca video of our week away…

Cancun Vacation 2015

JavaScript required to play Cancun Vacation 2015.

DAY 2:

Feet on the table, room service treats, and ocean air- best wakeup call ever. 505 more words


Summer Health News: Sandy Beaches Are Great, But Maybe Take a Shower Afterward

Oh how I love sandy beaches. I’d like to be lounging on one right now, in fact. But, a new study out this week, notes that the things lurking in that lovely sand may not be so lovely after all… 252 more words


Sandcastles and goodbyes....

In recent weeks we found out that our time here in the Netherlands and Europe in general is being cut short. We will be returning to the US at the beginning of next month. 262 more words

Random Happenings

Today and tomorrow...

A tad cooler on the coast. Overcast, too. But, most important of all, no rain. Go for a paddle before stuffing our faces. Sit on the rocks after, with our picnic. 542 more words