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All castles are sand castles

I find the tweets about Kanye West and Paul McCartney’s recent collaboration intriguing:

“I don’t know who Paul McCartney is, but Kanye is going to give this man a career w/ this new song!!” @ovojosh… 553 more words


Once again the sun is caught in a lie.

This time, though, the trees are still blossomless across the nation, and I have proof of his perjury and collusion with late spring. 63 more words


Let's Reminisce Again....

Every year about this time I look back through my photos and just reminisce. Winters are very long, lonely, and cold for me. I try and keep myself busy, however, winters drag on as if they last forever. 137 more words

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Bury the Baby

Walking the snowy white seashore, I came across a family of five: a mom, a dad, and three girls under seven. As I approached, I delighted in this scene. 88 more words


Castle Competition

Families were having great fun today at the Sand Castle Competition on New Brighton Beach.  At midday they were working hard to complete their masterpieces.  There were many people hauling buckets of water.  105 more words


Different from the norm

From the “something you don’t see every day” collection I preset to you a very queer sand shark.  While in Pacific Grove last year I ran into a woman and her husband who were practicing for sand castle building contest down the road. 42 more words