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Poem: Ten O’Clock on the Coast

This is something I wrote as a junior in high school. It was during a weekend trip with my parents to the beach before wrapping up the school year. 81 more words

Building Castles

Last month our family went on our first vacation in over two years.  Now the word vacation may be a little strong, but the time away from work, and the ability to just be able to relax and get away from the craziness of normal life was great. 323 more words

Dad Life: Family



The sandman brings
sand to put in my sandwich.

He brings it from
the nearby beach.
It’s as fierce as
fine salt in life’s… 55 more words


Night on the Beach

The sun was sinking beyond the horizon as we sat on the beach to watch. The colors were muted, hazy, dreamy, glowing orange and yellow.  The sand was warm yet cooling as the time slowly slipped by. 245 more words


Gather a collection of Classic Board Games for Archie/next generation and Bake with Archie

I was very fortunate to have all four of my Grandparents until I was 11 and received a childhood which was filled with traditional play such as board games, going to the beach to build sand castles or look for Groatie Buckies (small shells), making Christmas/Mother’s Day/Father’s day cards, baking, story time etc… 100 more words

Lake of the Sky


When you slip on
……..your cobalt best,
…………..I find myself on your shore.

There are small kingdoms
……..here, sandcastles of
…………..my own small making. 48 more words


Something a bit different 4 - Sand Castles

You used to build me castles,

And we’d watch as the tides surged,

Around the bastions piled high,

Throwing down the walls and flooding in, 27 more words

Something A Bit Different