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?Looked like flexible rulers tape measurer or measuring tape is common. If you haven’t seen tape measurers earlier then know about them which consists of ribbon cloth, plastic, fiber glass or metal strip having linear-measurement marks. 351 more words

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Hold the front of the tape at the point you wish to start the measurement from, and extend it to the point where you want to stop. 296 more words

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PARENTHESES ( ) are used to enclose directions for larger sizes, as listed at the start of each set of directions. They also may indicate that the group of stitches which they enclosed are to be repeated the number of times stated. 320 more words

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?Tape measures manufactured from fibreglass are used to sew. They don’t tear or stretch and look safe for long. Those meant to measure carpentry or construction work are designed from stiff, curved metallic ribbon which is rigid and straight when left to measure. 345 more words

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?Renowned as portable measurement device measuring tape is portable device with quality and accurate measurement of objects distance between them easily. Marks in these tapes at edges mentioned in inches and fractional inches are of quarter-, eight-, sixteenth-inch increments through which accurate measurments are done. 319 more words