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It's A Metaphor For The Debate, Just FYI

Imagine a beach, sunny and warm.

The air is still, the tide is low.

A sandcastle and a tumbleweed

Wait for when the wind will blow… 79 more words


The Fallen Castle.

Sandcastle at the Oceanside
Rising tall and proud
Built lovingly by two pairs of hands
Each contributing to its regal flair
Solidifying its integrity and their bond… 182 more words

What is stability?

All our lives we’ve been taught to sort stuff into squared slots and shelve them
into little recurring time tables when we were kids,
perfect cubical wardrobes when we grew up, 447 more words


Boracay - Then and Now

Pictures don’t do much justice to the beauty of Boracay, at least that’s true for the pictures I’ve taken. The white sands of the beach is easy enough to describe, it simply illuminates the shoreline. 802 more words

I Love Life

Crafting with Jessica: Sandcastle Photo Album

In One Big Family, author Marc Harshman and illustrator Sara Palacios evoke all the joys of summer vacation and family togetherness. The activity below — perfect for looking back on a summer full of fun — can help children remember and treasure great memories from their own family vacations. 298 more words


The sound of the sea


Arthur was ecstatic to be at the beach. It was a beautiful summer day and he was ready with his pail and shovel to make an enormous sand castle. 1,306 more words

Short Stories

The New Sandcastle Pokémon Is Terrifying

(Source: kotaku.com)

It is 2016 and official Pokémon art now depicts Pikachu DYING. What a time to be alive (or not, in this case!) 178 more words