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Has the World Gone Crazy?

See, I take a hiatus from warning the world about its ills and you see what happens? You see?

I took a very deliberate break from writing about the state of things out there in the real world because I didn’t want to be yet another voice in the endless… 863 more words


Exercise: B&W portraits as a documentary strategy


Read the information that accompanied August Sander’s exhibition People of the 20th Century at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Write a 200-word reflective commentary on Sander’s seven-category system. 611 more words

Research & Reflection

Make America Europe again?

The ever-insightful Glenn Harlan Reynolds shows that the Scandinavian utopia of Bernie Sanders socialist dreams  changed greatly  after the 1970’s, and that The Donald’s policy prescriptions look like the current Danish government’s than anything else. 17 more words

Saturday SkandiKrime: Follow the Money parts 9 & 10

So much to cover in so little time.

No, scratch that. In the end, though Follow the Money devoted its last two episodes to completely undoing Energreen’s comprehensive untouchability after episode 8, there was curiously little to the conclusion. 2,084 more words

The Goggle-Box

Loose ROS Canister Repair / Réparer une cartouche de ponceuse relâchée

Au fil du temps, la vibration et la pression d’air de ma ponceuse orbitale aléatoire a fait que la cartouche ne tenait plus en place. 81 more words

My Own Tips / Mes Trucs

The Big Chopper and a New Belt Sander

Before I knew about the “Metallurgical Arts”, I bought mild steel in the form of flat stock from Home Depot. Mild steel’s carbon content is very low (.05% to .25%), too low for a proper knife, that will hold an edge. 182 more words