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First part: Baking corner

I decided to divide all the DIY kitchen unit project into smaller units. There will be a baking corner, sink & dishwasher section, cooktop & oven section and… 143 more words


The Blue Door

I confess to being a bad blogger. This past few weeks we have been busy working on the cottage and that didn’t leave a lot of time for writing…. 327 more words

Get Your Job Done Faster With a Power Sander

Sanding is a big part of many jobs, specifically painting. It aids to get the location prepped and smooth. Using a power sander will certainly finish the job with great results and in a whole lot less time. 13 more words

Band Sander

However, for these to have a good appearance it is essential that they are well sanded, otherwise we will find poorly sanded edges and splinters that protrude from the surface, with the dangers that this entails. 878 more words

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Discover How To Choose A Sander To Make Your Projects Better

First we want to help you perform tasks that you did beforehand, and now you can perform much faster with power tools. In painting and carpentry, sanding is one of the heaviest steps and with an electric sander you can solve it. 493 more words

Best Home Improvement Tools

Guide To Buy Sanders

Buying cheap sanders is the best way to ensure a perfect finish on any DIY task, whether amateur or professional. Keep reading our shopping guide to find out which the best models in the market are and where you can buy them at a lower price than usual. 945 more words

Best Home Improvement Tools

Sandpaper for the Festool RO125 sander

For sandpaper there are two choices, the Festool paper, of which there are numerous types, and Abranet abrasive. Now the Festool abrasives are not exactly cheap, and it’s impossible to buy less than 10 in a packet… and there don’t seem to be any “test packets”, full of a range of abrasives (well except for the “125mm Sanding Disc┬áSet” with 150 assorted discs) . 276 more words