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Letting my free tag fly

If you follow this blog, or simply wander through a few of the posts, you will notice a fondness, a deep affection, for Northern New Mexico. 255 more words



Oh, great, now we got the moon out during the day.

Are we still blaming Obama for this sort of thing? 11 more words

Cheap Gags

2017-01-29 Embudo Canyon to Crest, back on WhiteWash trail


Go from sun-baked desert to wind-blasted crest and back on a track that is notable for it’s great beauty, it’s odd shape and it’s many hiking options. 2,744 more words

New Mexico

2017-01-14 Embudito Canyon (Sandia Mountains)


The Embudito Trail takes you from the very edge of Albuquerque to the top of South Sandia Peak (a rocky prominence on the crest of the Sandia Mountains). 2,431 more words

New Mexico

NEW MEXICO...I Think I Can...I Think I Can

Thanks to Friend Beth’s invitation I walked/climbed 6.6 miles/1162 feet yesterday. Now granted I wasn’t appropriately grateful on some of those long uphill stretches but nine hours in bed and a pain pill later I am ready to offer up an earnest thank you. 53 more words