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Neil Gaiman - Sandman, vol. 3 (1991)

Calliope: But you said—you told me, you promised me that you would free me before you died. You said I could have my freedom…

Erasmus Fry: Put not your trust in princes, my dear.

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Steve Erickson - intro to Sandman, vol. 3 (1991)

I’m writing this on the fine edge of that blade that’s consciousness on one side and dream on the other, that thin silver horizon where you hover right before falling asleep and right before completely waking.

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Neil Gaiman - afterword to Sandman, vol. 2 (1990)

…the only reason people read afterwords is for some kind of explanation of what they’ve read, if they haven’t understood it, or for some kind of apology, if they have.


Day Trip: Amsterdam

Did you know that you can get a round ticket to ANYWHERE in the Netherlands for 7 euros?? All you have to do is find a group of ten people, and you don’t even have to come from the same station! 206 more words