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A forgotten henchman from The Spy Who Loved Me

Introducing Sandor!

Here he is. A fine henchman if ever there was. Poor Sandor is rarely discussed in Bond circles, as his co-star Jaws gets all the limelight in… 49 more words


Sandor Ferenczi - Ernest Jones Letters 1911-1933

The Ferenczi-Jones correspondence presented here is an important document of the early history of psychoanalysis. It spans more than two decades, and addresses many of the relevant issues of the psychoanalytic movement between 1911-1933, such as Freud’s relation to Stekel, Adler and Jung; the First World War, the debates of the 1920s regarding the theoretical and technical ideas of Rank and Ferenczi; problems of leadership, structure, and finding a center for the psychoanalytical movement… … 15 more words