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My little hair removal mishap - Depil Pads Motion

Hija everyone :)

Last week was really the week of experiments and trying out new things and when testing things, you can have things go wrong. 410 more words


Weathered Beach Signs

Spring break has come and gone and many people hit the beach during this time of year. We come back home with a bag of seashells, the sound of the ocean waves crashing in our ears, and the smell of warm, summery air in our nostrils. 627 more words

Arts And Crafts

Honey Lies and Sand Paper Truth

It is delicious, some of the sweet lies out there dripping off the tongues of agents, marketers, business people, salespeople and sometimes the average person on the streets with something to sell. 305 more words


Who knew stripping was so hard

The bathroom – part 1 (don’t judge me)

I made a mess of my bathroom (paint) and I’m upset with myself. I make no secret of the fact that I am NOT good at… 808 more words


DIY Chalkboard Sign - 1st Attempt

Here’s my first attempt at making a chalkboard sign.  It was for my daughter’s preschool spring carnival (cowpoke theme).  Naturally, I had to do things the “easy” way.   217 more words

Do It Yourself (DIY)

~ Crafting In Progress ~ (Paper Mache) ~ Part Four

My paper mache critter was completely dry, after a few days. I probably waited extra time to allow the crafting diva (me) to come up with a different route to take for my cubs elongated looking face. 721 more words


I Pretentious

I wonder what pleasure we seek in grinding our dreams.

Then again, sometimes I wonder, if everyone followed their dreams, how would the world run? If we all travelled, or became nomads, who would be the conventional ones, working in businesses, moving the economy forward? 507 more words