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Experimental Photography


A diptych of two images, or parts of two images, is an impactful storytelling tool. Look for thematic, compositional, and other visual interactions that will make your diptuchs more powerful than the sum of their parts. 555 more words


Of Calloused Soles and Hearts

Happy new month (:

Every time I think about feet, King Julien comes to mind :)


I am a lot like King Julien, I do not like my feet being touched. 814 more words


Going Floral

Summer has finally arrived and that means DIY furniture time!

I’d bought this desk and chair for the grand sum of £40 at my local… 371 more words


Building a Blanket Ladder With Zero Instuctions

I have a tendency to be a very determined individual. If I have an idea I am excited about I just up and do it, and I either read everything there is to know about the idea or I just say “screw it” and go for it. 519 more words


Choosing The Correct Sandpaper For Your Projects

One of the common prerequisites of any woodworking project is sanding. However, using wrong sandpaper can irreparably damage your project. That’s why it is vital to choose the right type and grit of sandpaper—irrespective of whether you plan to sand by hand or use a power sander. 307 more words

Home Improvement

Sandpaper is cheap

Sandpaper is cheap.

That was last night’s lesson as I was cleaning up the unnecessary epoxy from the places where I joined the planks of my wherry together.   311 more words


Supposedly creative

I’m pretty much a typical Gemini, we’re supposed to have a passion for creativity. But all through my school life I showed no spark in anything creative. 403 more words

Life Goals