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Sideways (2004), Alexander Payne

A road movie through the vineyards of California, Alexander Payne’s 2004 Sideways, focus on two disappointed middle-aged men, who find solace for their frustration and anxiety in alcohol and sex, before they exorcise their demons and finally find their inner peace. 949 more words

'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Furious Cristina & Addison Didn't Return For Derek's Funeral

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fans just can’t catch a break! After the sudden loss of Dr. Derek Shepherd, viewers of the show are upset yet again for a major storyline faux-pas that occurred on the April 30 episode. 451 more words

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The 10 best moments from the first 'Grey's Anatomy' ever

Season 1 | Episode 1 | “A Hard Day’s Night” | Aired Mar 27, 2005 AND Apr 9, 2015

You guys. This is an emotional gift. 955 more words

11 Times Meredith And Cristina Were The Real Love Story Of 'Grey’s Anatomy'

Contrary to popular belief, the most important love story on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy isn’t between Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd — or even Alex Karev and Izzie Stevens, or Cristina Yang and Preston Burke, or… 257 more words


Tammy (2014)

Directed by Ben Falcone, Tammy isn’t as bad as its reputation suggests and yet it still has trouble finding any footing. It contains an admirable working class quality in that it doesn’t rely on conventional standards to float its conventional road trip comedy clichés, but there’s still a lot of trouble in terms of cohesion and overall entertainment. 583 more words


Umbrage in Umbria

Umbrage in Umbria

In which Diane Lane

plays an American woman

recovering from the pain

of a recent divorce.

Sandra Oh will feature

as her quirky sidekick, 127 more words


'Grey's Anatomy': Ranking all 10 season finales

If you’ve made it from March 27, 2005, to March 27, 2015, you are officially a Grey’s Anatomy “good man in the storm” … because along the way, everyone else got hit by a bus or shot in the face or killed in a plane crash. 1,199 more words