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Living in a Sepia World

Sepia – a reddish-brown color, named after the rich brown pigment derived from the ink sac of the common cuttlefish Sepia (1,2… 442 more words


Blindspot 2X22 - WOW!

Excuse me, I am just busy picking up pieces of my brain after this episode. POW! WOAH!

NOTE: The feature image is how I am feeling right now. 779 more words

Silver Screen

When Sandstorm Arrives……

May is the month when sandstorm frequently hits Beijing in China. Sandstorm has become a yearly weather condition that doesn’t really surprise the locals much anymore. 359 more words


Major cities in Northern China reeling under gigantic sandstorm

The skies across major cities in Northern China, including capital Beijing, turned yellow on Thursday. Dangerously high levels of pollution in the Asian country have led to gigantic sandstorm. 185 more words


Terrible sandstorms like the one in Beijing can shift 360,000 tons of sand and dust

A massive sandstorm swept across China’s capital Beijing on Thursday (May 4) and continued into Friday, shrouding the city with yellow sand and dust. Dozens of… 303 more words

Beijing's Pollution Is Currently Off the Charts Because a Huge Sandstorm Has Made the Smog Even Worse

Masks were donned, and air purifiers cranked up to max, as Beijing’s chronic air pollution returned Thursday, shrouding the city’s skyline in a thick pall, and sending residents scurrying for cover as airborne particle ratings breached 20 times WHO safe levels. 478 more words

Blindspot - S2E20 Truth Revelations

Today was the day, my friends. The day that not one, but two truth bombs went off.

I know I am skipping ahead but seriously this episode had scenes that made me so giddy I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face watching them. 894 more words

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