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Books I've Read #22 - Sandstorm 

By James Rollins.

This is one from my work library, so it is a book I literally judged by its cover and took with me to read in the sunshine (or not) with Piggy Cat (or not). 89 more words


--The non-sequitors--

This was supposed to be the last post you see in my assignment, Geraldine. It’s also the last post I added, assuming WP would let me reorder them as I choose. 379 more words


Sun, Sand Storm, Rain, Flood

So, is Dubai just like Missouri?!  We joke in Missouri that if you don’t like the weather, just hang around a few hours and it will change – and it’s true quite a lot.   245 more words


How to Setup Sandstorm Personal Cloud Server in Linux

Sandstorm is an Open Source self-hostable web productivity suite implemented as a security-hardened web app package manager. It is a radically easier way to run personal instances of your web application at one place. 1,246 more words



The sandstorm has passed

Leaving behind dirt and dust.

Sunshine on Tuesday.

Just About Anything

386. Sandstorm

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

Sands drift around…

Up in the air,

Then back to the ground.

Sandstorm. Sandstorm.

The wind is your friend…

Pushing you on,

But when does it end? 154 more words


DJ MLEM and Darude and Soundcheck

On March 3rd, one of my favorite DJs from my college years (yes, I’m dating myself), came to Soundcheck to euphorically “bring the house down” and it was everything I ever could have hoped for. 306 more words