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Charles of Arabia: Back in the Land of Sand

I arrived back in the Kingdom on Saturday and after the customary long wait at passport control, I found my luggage already waiting for me at baggage claim. 240 more words


Sandstorm in Abu Dhabi, April 02 2015

I have captured footage of the sandstorm that swept across Abu Dhabi in the morning of April 02, 2015, causing low visibility in some areas.

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Sandstorms Are Awesome

If you’ve ever lived in the UAE, you know how the transition from winter to summer can be. Or not really. No one ever knows because it’s so random and unpredictable. 510 more words

Amani Alshaali

My first concern...SANDSTORMS!

A sandstorm refers to a high amount of wind occurring in sandy areas, usually in deserts, where the wind speed is able to lift the top layer of sand from the ground, and push it in every imaginable direction.

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Spring Storms

It looks like spring storms are picking up and with it the dangers of lightning, hail, tornadoes and flash flooding. This is the time of year that we see more of these kinds of storms and I expect to see more storms of this nature during the coming weeks. 690 more words


The past few weeks

The past few weeks have gone by so fast! I suddenly realize that I haven’t written a post in ages. School has been getting more intense lately and I have an important grammar exam on Tuesday so I’m taking a break from my preparations right now. 422 more words

“Apocalyptic” Haboob Sweeps through Belarus

Haboob strikes Ukraine/Belarus border turning daylight into night in Soligorsk, Belarus 

A haboob laced with high winds and torrential rains swept through portions of Belarus, including the capital, Minsk, cutting-off electricity, felling trees and damaging buildings this week, the local media reported. 29 more words

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