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Canadian Odyssey – Epilogue

A man at the next table said, “Anyone taking the ferry to the mainland this morning is in for a rough ride.”

Not what I wanted to hear, but I’ve been there. 290 more words


Bangin' Birthday Weekend!

Not only is the last weekend of September, typically the most glorious weather-wise, it’s also my birthday! Yeah! I might be getting older, but the child within me still loves the celebration aspect.  1,799 more words

What To Do

Oh Look Here's A Taco Bell Worker Digging In His Butt At A Taco Bell In Sandusky

YUM! Nothing like some cheesy fiesta dingleberries when you make a run for the border. This fella in the photo lost his job which is really the only course of action Taco Bell could have taken. 115 more words


NASA says NO to Ohio BigWind!!

NASA has some of the brightest engineering minds in the world. They state the reality of this industry below, “…elimination of the Production Tax Credit, extension of renewable energy generation projects for Ohio public utilities, the low price of REC’s, and relatively cheap fossil fuel (natural gas) have diminished the present economic climate for a wind farm.”  That is a very polite and politically correct way of stating what has been obvious to us for years. 156 more words

Sandusky Pedophile Cronies Go After Popular PA DA

In post 9/11 America, criminals in government don’t get punished — those who expose their crimes get punished. This appears to be what’s happening in Pennsylvania where there is a bi-partisan war on the Attorney General for firing prosecutors caught with child porn who had also drug their feet on the Jerry Sandusky investigation.


Cedar Point Announces New Roller Coaster For Next Summer

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) — A new roller coaster will be introduced next year at Cedar Point amusement park in northwest Ohio.

The amusement park announced Wednesday that the Valravn dive roller coaster will debut in May 2016. 105 more words


'Tallest, fastest and longest' dive coaster in the world coming to Cedar Point

It’s after Labor Day, and that means one thing for theme parks: It’s time to start planning next year’s debut rides.

First up is Cedar Point, the “Roller Coaster Capital of the World” in Sandusky, Ohio, which on Wednesday announced “Valravn”: the tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster in the world, coming in 2016. 93 more words