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Cardinal flown

The Cardinal supermarket, a longtime landmark of neighborhood life in near-downtown Sandusky is closing up shop, further transforming central Sandusky from a living place to a destination as semi-upscale or trendy eateries and drinkeries open and close.

Editorial Cartoons

Pizza, Presidio and Psy-ops: Part 2

Although I’m yet to be able to recover the post I wrote about the fallacy of Pizzagate and how it turned some of the more revealing aspects of the Podesta leaks into a circus sideshow for mass media consumption, one that was successfully able to throw water on the fire building beneath the exposure of the occult networks behind much of the intelligence honeytrapping and blackmail networks, the point I made in that post of not throwing out the baby with the bath water still stands. 3,480 more words


Sandusky Haunts

As many of you know, my family and I recently enjoyed a long weekend in Sandusky, Ohio. Our main reason for going was to experience all the haunts at Cedars Point’s HalloWeekends, but I wanted to make sure we checked out some other spooky stuff while we were in the area. 285 more words