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Po-boys and poll booths: A citizen's guide to election day and sandwiches

It is often quoted that laws — like sausages — are better enjoyed if we don’t see them being made. And if there is a connection to be made between the culinary and political spheres, it comes between two slices of bread. 807 more words


It's International Sandwich Day

Today is (well more like was now with how late it is) International Sandwich Day. 94 more words


A Fun Slice of History: Find Out Where the Sandwich Actually Came From

It’s lunch time and your little ones want to finish building their fort or their game of Uno instead of chowing down. Solution? A sandwich! Being able to continue play while nomming on two slices of bread with anything you want in between is a recipe for yum and fun. 288 more words


Thursday #27: "Plum Tuckered Out" 12/4/14

Hello all!

I am very sorry that I havent been keeping up with my posting. You may not have noticed but it’s almost Christmas. That’s a time for cheer and happiness…except if you work in retail as I do. 174 more words

Thursday #25: "The Roast N' Toast" 11/20/14


First of all, a few disclaimers.

1) I am very sorry that this post did not go up on Thursday. The sandwich got made on Thursday but my jobs have kept me hopping so it didn’t happen. 297 more words

Thursday #24: "The Pear Necessities" 11/13/14

It’s Sandwich Day!

I have decided that this is a dessert sandwich kind of day. Not for any particular reason, I just decided that it was. 161 more words

Thursday #23: "Bust Your Chops" 11/6/14

It is Sandwich Day!

I love Fall, I love it! I’ve been working every day for both my jobs for the last three weeks. I even had to work on my favorite holiday (Halloween!!). 192 more words