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Daily quickie: Where my sammich makers at?

What happened to the good ol fashioned sandwich maker? It seems women now-a-days are getting on their soap box, wearing “pussy” hats and protesting (and seem to write books about it). 128 more words


Daily Quickie: Pink Flamingo

There are only a few things one needs for a garden. Some plants, lawn gnome, and a pink flamingo. When the wife and I got married, we bought this at our local big box store. 75 more words


Going to start something new. Just a little blurb about anything. Could be about current events, happenings in life or about boobs. It will only last as long as a quickie. 113 more words



A typical kitchen task requires mental concentration and physical involvement, be it the preparation of a heavy dinner or a light breakfast. It is often noticed that people ( the younger population) tend to have as light as a sandwich and a cup of tea/coffee for a regular breakfast. 548 more words

Industrial Design

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Super convenient and oh so practical! This sandwich maker is just the ticket for a quick breakfast. Makes a great housewarming or Christmas gift too! 71 more words


YES! You can make more than sandwiches in your toaster!

Do you have a sandwich toaster/griller at home? You know, the one that inspired you to construct the most experimental sandwiches in the first week you had it, but now you only use it to make the occasional grilled cheese. 546 more words

Content Pieces

The World is Ending: an adventure in things not going your way

We missed the train. The first part of our weekend in Chicago was ruined. The world began to crash down around us. The station didn’t have AC (it was hot, humid, and stuffy inside) and the next train wasn’t due for another 2 hours. 949 more words