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Today’s Soups!! Saturday May 23rd, 2015

Happy SATURDAY Soup Lovers!
It’s a perfect weekend for watching a movie snuggled up with your favorite soup. Or  sipping Tomato Soup by with fire with a good book. 118 more words


Mortadella sandwich - Trou Normand

Little gems, pickled onions. $14
Trou Normand, San Francisco CA

Mmm, Trou Normand certainly knows their meats! This mortadella was absolutely divine. It had a wonderfully soft texture and the little pieces of goodness embedded within it were so good. 31 more words


Weekly Wrap-Up; Back At It

I know this post is behind schedule (and I swear, I really am going to share all of the tasty things we ate at the end of our trip!) but the first week back at work after a vacation always feels so looooong.  204 more words

Simple Cravings... Toasted Cheese and Tomato Sandwich!

Sometimes one has to give in to cravings. Yesterday I saw a buzz feed article about the best sandwiches in London, and ever since then, all I could think about was a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich. 347 more words


Eating My Way Through the Alphabet; Letter I

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? A Second Helping of Ice Cream Sandwiches! Oh sure, it would be way easier to open a box of treats from your freezer, but once you take the time to bake this cookie crust and fill it with gourmet ice cream, you’ll fill your freezer with this old-fashioned classic instead! 226 more words


Posh Fish Finger Sandwich

So right now, I’m guessing most of you guys in uni or studying are in the middle of exams. If not, congrats on finishing this year, so go out and have some fun this summer and try out some of my other recipes now you have time! 352 more words


Food and Exercise Diary - 5/22

Today was my first day of really watching what I eat and my first day of exercising. It pretty much went like:

Let’s see, I only almost passed out twice trying to run for 8 whole minutes with a minute and a half walk between each minute. 392 more words