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Beatrix, North Melbourne

We braved a flood and a vicious circle of Google Maps navigating to make our way to Beatrix, but it was totally worth it. Beatrix is a quaint cafe in North Melbourne offering some of the tastiest baking around these parts, with a homemade quality (if you grew up in a very luck household). 234 more words

Even before Alice in Wonderland people have been enjoying High-Tea parties.  In the past the High tea was more of an afternoon treat to ease the hunger as dinner use to be served at 8pm. 212 more words


The Art of Scrapple

Scrapple is a meat product of the pig variety that is typically considered a breakfast food. It’s not known in a lot of places but in Delaware, especially Sussex County, it’s not only well-known but has multiple brands. 1,137 more words


Homemade Peanut Butter

Way back when I was a kid, the peanut butter in most households was Jif, Skippy or Peter Pan. That was pretty much it. Except if you were my family, then it was the natural kind that you had to stir to incorporate the oil. 640 more words


Ultimate Fish Finger Sandwich


More an assembly than a recipe but an amazingly epic sandwich nonetheless. It seemed fitting now I have moved into student digs to post an easy, cheap meal using freezer staples but it still delivers bags of flavour and nutrition too. 117 more words


Pizza Sandwich's!

I really wanted to try this food and I finally had the chance. I love pizza and I love sandwich’s so why not bring the two together?! 93 more words


Lemony Salmon Dill Sandwiches 

This is a great filling to make for a sandwich or wrap. It is an economical & easy way to add fish to your diet. Using just one can of salmon (or leftover cooked salmon) makes 4 sandwiches. 151 more words