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Grilled Cheese and Pepper Tortilla Sandwich


Veggie cheese and sweet red roasted pepper between two 6 inch flour tortillas pan-grilled in vegetable oil to perfection! Served with cornichon dill pickle! 379 more words


Pot Roast Grilled Cheese French Dip Sandwich with Spicy Miso Au Jus By Closet Cooking

National Grilled Cheese Month is going strong and I have another recipe to share with you, one that is a mouthful in more ways than one, these pot roast grilled cheese french dip sandwiches with spicy miso beef au jus!

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Hot (Cheesy) Dawg!

I don’t do well eating sandwiches. The effort sooner or later ends up a disaster. Sometimes I lose control and the whole thing falls apart on the very first bite. 218 more words


Food #3

Hi everyone, I am bringing you a new small and very easy recipe again. Now for this you wouldnt even need a recipe but for the people who are interested here we go: 274 more words


Halvah Cotton Candy

Here were this week’s top five bites –

An egg and cheese roll from a truck in Brooklyn.  This edge bite does not give an accurate picture of just how wonderfully cheesy it was. 66 more words

More "Greens"

And pork! Finally!

“Nuked” frozen vegetables catsup (forgot that I ran out of vinaigrette). Didnʻt Prez Reagan say catsup was a vegetable? Hee hee.

Veggies (and sometimes fruit) in the morning, less guilt if the opportunity arises for indulging later in the day. 130 more words


But... er, where's the buttermilk?

The buttermilk crispy chicken sandwich made its debut in McDonald’s in Singapore on 13 April, introduced under the chain’s Signature line.

Priced at S$8.95 the set includes a medium soda and fries. 214 more words