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Wenzel Sandwich - Connecticut

Alpha Delta Pizza in New Haven, Connecticut, has been feeding hungry Yale students for years. The Wenzel is one of their best-selling sandwiches, with between 150 and 200 subs sold on an… 164 more words


Some Thoughts on Sandwiches

The high point of the day so far has been my lunchtime chicken sandwich. I sliced the meat from some chicken drumsticks we had in the fridge last night, added bread, mayonnaise and redcurrant jelly and ended up with sandwiches. 168 more words

Country sage sausage; tomato panzanella; shishitos - 18 October 2018

I wanted to make this panzanella again, partly b/c it was delicious, and partly b/c I have to write a “leftover bread” post for my favorite not-mine blog two days from now. 486 more words


Chicken Salad

My first recipe is one of my favorite foods- chicken salad! It’s best served in a delicious buttery croissant, but equally as good (and healthier) as a lettuce wrap. 303 more words


Victory Lunch Boxes: Introduction and Chili-Peanut Sandwich Filling

The home front housewife had many new challenges when World War II began. Shortages and rationing made cooking challenging due to having to learn new recipes with new ingredients and new ways of cooking. 593 more words


Suspect robs Subway in Georgia, returns to pick up sandwich

NORCROSS, Ga. — Police are searching for a robbery suspect who after holding up a Subway restaurant, forgot his sandwich and returned to retrieve it,  79 more words