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Petty grievances

I once heard/read that only petty people have petty grievances. Petty be me

I find it amusing the things that somewhat intelligent people get their knickers in a twist about until I remember how twisted my knickers are. 331 more words

Sandy, Mickey, and the Willies

When my father was a kid, he and his brother Carl sneaked into the top floor of a hotel where a large group of major league baseball players were meeting … probably in the late 1930s. 3,149 more words

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Hope We Wake Up, But It Is More Difficult In This Ongoing Nightmare

Let’s see, the Mets are playing the Pirates, my father and I Jewish, Michael  Santasieri, Italian and Catholic, watch the Mets score the winning run. 357 more words

Condition Sensitive: Centered with lower grade, or off-center and higher grade?

I love vintage cards, and loving old cards often means you have to decide how bad of a condition you are willing to accept in order to add one of the prized pieces to your collection. 586 more words

Baseball Cards

More 1937 All-Star Game "Notes"

The bottom of the third inning of the 1937 All-Star game continues through the words of Bob Elston.

The great DiMaggio is on first base. Dizzy Dean delivers and Lou Gehrig, his failure to homer at Washington’s Griffith Stadium having been cited in the pregame talk, wallops a two run home run. 236 more words

Lazer face

That Redskins game today…jeezus man…my heart is still pounding.  Not sure what kind of run those guys have in them this year, but they have to be able to play better defense if they want to even make the playoffs this year.   539 more words

Washington Redskins

Javier Vazquez, What If

Do you remember that book Don’t Sweat the Small stuff…? Of course you do. It was everywhere. What you may not remember was the subtitle, what came after the ellipsis – and it’s all small stuff. 887 more words