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[Poll] Top 10 Greatest MLB Pitchers Of All Time

We wanted to do something a little different here for this article. We want you to interact and vote to see who the #1 Greatest MLB Pitcher of All Time really is. 385 more words

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How to Make Somebody Miss

“I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it.” -Sandy Koufax

Look upon Noah Syndergaard, all ye nostalgic:

Noah Syndergaard, Slider Movement (Front View). pic.twitter.com/e7YmMpstVO

— Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja) June 16, 2016

The Mets’ redwood of a right-hander allowed one earned run over 8 1/3 innings in his win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday night, striking out 11 and walking none.

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast - June 14, 2016

Today I answered a question from super fan, @cu8sfan

@sullybaseball Who should have won the Cy Young Award for the other league in the years from 1956 to 1966?

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Sully Baseball Daily Podcast

Bases Bloated: The Jewish Baseball Museum's Ed Sherman

Jews. We’re everywhere. We’re on your TV. We’re in the stands. We’re in the majors. And now, we’re on your internet. JewishBaseballMuseum.com is a website dedicated to those in the Jewish community who’ve changed the face of baseball. 2,589 more words

Baseball Memories

Will The Real Danny Duffy Please Stand Up?

When a new baseball season begins, there are certain definites that we are guaranteed and don’t even have to worry about. Mike Trout will put up MVP caliber numbers, Clayton Kershaw will pitch like he is the second coming of Sandy Koufax, and Bartolo Colon will make you smile at some point. 858 more words