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Coming Home to The Trans Alter

A Theological Reflection on “Trans*Studies: An International Transdisciplinary Conference On Gender, Embodiment, and Sexuality”

Sandy Stone stood, in a video from her past, reflecting back her future self’s straight black hair and matching black cargo pants, performing an art piece that involved her psychically moving her clitoris to the palm of her left hand and then masturbating vigorously to orgasm on stage through her palm as the observing audience roared and cheered. 616 more words



We met in the Orwellian year of 1984 at the Salisbury SACAE and studied English together. It then turned into UniSA, and is now, perhaps poignantly given tonight’s splendid occasion, a retirement village where on Thursdays, I believe, they do a wicked two fruits and ice cream. 593 more words

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