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Celebrating with Sandy

Happy March 1st!

To celebrate the beginning of the month that, sooner or later, heralds the end of winter, I am happy to announce that ‘Sandy is finally ready for release! 272 more words


Prurient Tinfoil -part 23

     Responding to Sandy’s explicitly sexual advances Bryan said, “Please don’t be sorry! I feel the same way, I’m just not ready yet, you know?”

    Cassandra smiled down at him on the couch, handed him his refilled wine glass, rubbed the inside of his thigh with her leg and said, “Oh, you felt ready to me. 1,585 more words


castles in the sand

There once lived  a little boy in a majestic mansion by the beach. Not having any playmates in the area, he still enjoyed putting together his own little world inside that little head of his. 140 more words

Bed Time Stories For The Anxious Mind And The Child Inside

Kama the Surfing Pig

I love going to the beach, especially on a hot February evening like today.  Amazing things usually do happen if you decide to leave your house and just experience Hawaii. 466 more words


Tinfoil Gatsby -part 21

     Equipped with his brand new, sporty, year out of fashion, Bell cycling helmet and an hour to kill before he had to hit the hay in preparation of his dinner date with Cassandra that night Bryan decided to kill two birds with one stone. 1,917 more words


Christie, Obama and the shameful pride of Republican politics

The political cynicism that prevents some Republicans from forgiving New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s embrace of President Barack Obama’s support in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy is one of the most enraging ideological currents I can recall. 162 more words


Tinfoil Soothsayer -part 20

     Sandy and Bryan walked out of the bike shop and into the cool sunshine of an April morning. Though they’d only spent a quarter hour in Morgantowne Cyclery the wind had picked up visibly. 1,226 more words