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SpongeBob Season 4 Episode 12b Wishing You Well

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with Mr. Cheapy Krabs trying to steal money from a pay phone when he hears money being dropped into a well. 886 more words

(21) Remembering the children of Sandy Hook - YouTube

Parents, survivors reflect on the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary that took place nearly one year ago.


New York Rising is a Scam

As most people who know me are aware, my house, on Long Island’s south shore, suffered heavy flooding on October 29, 2012 as a result of Hurricane Sandy, when the water level of a nearby bay rose several feet above its historic high and filled my house up like a bucket. 1,509 more words

BxSupports Sandy Disaster Relief

We have bear witness to Sandy’s affects in Queens, Far Rockaway and the need is greater than one can imagine.  Thanks to the many people doing what they can to feed, cloth, and shelter; hope still lives. 145 more words

Disaster Relief

SpongeBob Season 9 Episode 19b Two Thumbs Down

I’m taking recap requests in the comments box in the FAQ section.

Recap and Gifs

The episode starts off with the idiot brothers having a thumb war that SpongeBob surprisingly wins at. 510 more words

Seth Rogen's mom gabbed about her sex life on Twitter, and now her son is scarred for life

Parents live to embarrass their offspring. So much so that I’m convinced it’s part of some sort of biological imperative. They share mortifying baby photos, they spill your cringe-inducing stories, and they have so much dirt on you that they could probably blackmail you if they were so inclined. 345 more words


He’s The Boss

Is it patriotic? Maybe. Is it necessary?  Perhaps not … but if you ask yourself Is it freakin’ awesome? then you got a whole new ballgame going. 10 more words