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Day 44 & 45: The office and some great food

On Saturday, I had the day off, however I had a Stop the Violence training session so had a quiet morning, followed by training, then we took part in JOTA/JOTI, an online scout jamboree and chatted to other groups from all over the world, including South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, America, even the scout centre in the next valley. 130 more words


Kurunthokai - 315

The man from rising hill country
where white water falls down
like moon’s reflection on the sea,
is like the sun – my friend!-
and my supple shoulders are like Nerunji. 165 more words


Kurunthokai - 41

My friend ! When my lover is by my side,
like the people of a festive town, I rejoice;
like an empty house – where squirrels scamper… 174 more words


Nattrinai - 133

She says to her friend (who pacifies her saying that her lover will come back soon):

My dear friend! your kind words –
that he won’t let me suffer… 231 more words


Kurunthokai - 149

Poor modesty! it has suffered
along with us for long; but now,
like the sandy embankment of flowering cane
swept away by the flood smashing against it, 179 more words


Kurunthokai - 136 & 204

He says to his friend:
Love, love, people say;
love’s neither a misery nor a malady;
it doesn’t gradually increase or subside;
like musth appearing on a foliage chewing elephant, 347 more words