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Nattrinai - 27

Her friend says:
Yesterday, all that you and I did was
to chase bees that swarm the fine pollen of flowers,
in the grove circled by backwaters with banks… 285 more words


Porunar Aattruppadai - lines 103-122

Soft grass fed sheep’s juicy thigh meat
cooked to tenderness, he compelled us to eat.
Grilled on long sticks were large pieces of meat,
that we rolled inside our mouth to lessen the heat. 223 more words


Agraharam Kitchen History - Samayalkattu சமயல்கட்டு

Samayalkattu (சமயல்கட்டு in Tamil dialect) is how the kitchen is known as in many South Indian homes of Tamilnadu and Kerala. Do you know how it got its name? 671 more words


Puranaanooru - 245

Vast though my grief is, isn’t it still limited,
if it lacks strength to take my life away?
In this arid land overrun with cacti, 92 more words


Perumpaanaattrup Padai 275-282

Unpounded rice cooked to a mushy porridge
and spread in a wide wicker basket to cool down,
finely ground sprouted rice – like white ants… 216 more words


Puranaanooru - 292

O petty people, quit being angry
that he stood up grasping his flawless sword
and pushed away Ruler’s sweet, chilled wine
you stirred and served as per rank! 198 more words


Allahabad and Varanasi - A Kumbh experience

I’m not much of a religious person but how can you miss the biggest human congregation in the world. Plus the Kumbh festival is not about religion it’s more about the people and how vivid the mankind can be. 1,004 more words