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Kurunthokai - 401

In his shores glistening crabs scurry into the sea
afraid of frolicking girls whose damp hair
is adorned with braided flower strings
of fragrant creeper flowers and lilies; 114 more words


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013 Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Mix – Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam-Jukebox (Full Songs) Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam – Full Movie watch movies online megavideo, In 2011, he had a brief career as a television host for the game show Home Sweet Home on STAR Vijay. 318 more words

Puranaanooru - 273

Horse hasn’t returned, horse hasn’t returned;
every one’s horse has returned,
but the horse he rode hasn’t returned,
he who fathered a sparsely maned son in my house; 152 more words


Don't think of sleeping in this house today - Narrinai 360

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Thalaivan is back from enjoying with many whores and is knocking the door of his wife to let him in. 206 more words

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Ainkurunooru - 185

The lass with fine bangles shaped by file* –
her teeth are like shining pearls in Korkai harbour
where lily petals sway;
her mouth is of coral hue; … 149 more words


Kurunthokai - 4

Don’t grieve my heart, don’t grieve my heart;
don’t grieve that our lover who should wipe away
my eyelash singeing tears and cheer me,
is indifferent to my plight.
128 more words


Kurunthokai - 120

Like a pauper yearning for pleasure,
you wish for the unattainable, my heart!
My girl’s sweet, you realize;
that she’s hard to get, you don’t. 78 more words