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Kurunthokai - 41

My friend ! When my lover is by my side,
like the people of a festive town, I rejoice;
like an empty house – where squirrels scamper… 174 more words


Nattrinai - 133

She says to her friend (who pacifies her saying that her lover will come back soon):

My dear friend! your kind words –
that he won’t let me suffer… 231 more words


Kurunthokai - 149

Poor modesty! it has suffered
along with us for long; but now,
like the sandy embankment of flowering cane
swept away by the flood smashing against it, 179 more words


Kurunthokai - 136 & 204

He says to his friend:
Love, love, people say;
love’s neither a misery nor a malady;
it doesn’t gradually increase or subside;
like musth appearing on a foliage chewing elephant, 347 more words


Picture perfect- a photo blog of Ladakh.

It’s been over a month since I went to Ladakh, but its spell does not seem to show signs of abating anytime soon. The minute I get some time on my own, I end up closing my eyes and reliving its beauty.Dragging the memories out from the crevices of my brain and savouring it, repeatedly,like a cow chewing cud! 570 more words


Nattrinai - 210

What her friend said to him:

O’ man from the prosperous town where those
who carry baskets with seeds to be sowed,
in wide mushy fields that are plowed… 280 more words


Saajan: I Finally Watch It! And It Is Just as Good as I Have Always Heard!

This is one of those movies that I knew was really good, and I just haven’t gotten around to watching it.  Well, haven’t gotten around to it, and it was kind of hard to find a copy of.   3,682 more words

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