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Puranaanooru - 184

If mature rice is harvested and consumed,
a ma’s* yield will last many days;
even a hundred sei** (goes waste)
if a single elephant enters it to eat, 273 more words


Kurunthokai - 47

Her friend says:

Dark Vengai’s* yellow blossoms strewn on rock 
make it appear as big tiger cub in the forest
he crosses in his secretive night jaunts; 143 more words


Puranaanooru - 196

To grant if it is possible
or to refuse if not possible,
is the practice of gallant men;
To promise when not possible
or to refuse when possible, 419 more words


Picnic for Oratory Children

Bangalore – From young to old everyone loves the fun of picnic, an adventure to the unknown wonder world. The Guanella Preethi Nivas community planned a one day picnic to Mysore for the oratory children, making their hearts overflow with joy. 53 more words

In All Things Love

Puranaanooru - 191

If you ask why I haven’t greyed
though I’m advanced in age,
my wife’s noble, children clever;
my attendants act as per my wish;
my ruler is a just protector; 152 more words


Kurunthokai - 32

காலையும் பகலுங் கையறு மாலையும்  
ஊர்துஞ் சியாமமும் விடியலு மென்றிப்
பொழுதிடை தெரியிற் பொய்யே காமம்
மாவென மடலொடு மறுகிற் றோன்றித்  
தெற்றெனத் தூற்றலும் பழியே
வாழ்தலும் பழியே பிரிவுதலை வரினே.

Dawn or daytime or wretched dusk, 242 more words


Memory is a strange thing. It follows no pattern and works totally, at random like the traffic in Delhi NCR. In the middle of ultra-serious discussions in office, I get reminded of a joke from last night’s episode of Modern Family. 776 more words