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Kurunthokai - 75

Did you see yourself? Or heard from those who saw?
from whom did you hear of my lord’s arrival?
I’d like to know for sure; please tell me! 173 more words


Kurunthokai - 30

Listen to me my friend! At midnight,
as an almost true false dream
of that expert liar hugging me tight
deceived and woke me up, 186 more words


Childhood enemy to life partner...Kurunthokai 229

Poem on wedded love or arranged marriage… where they fight as kids but are inseparable as wedded couple..

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Tamil Literature

Hero Boar and Mother's smile - Akam 248

We have been introduced to boar hunting by the movie Bahubali 2. Here is one very interesting poem from Akananuru about a mother, daughter and lover with imagery of boar hunting.. 386 more words

Tamil Literature

Pura Naanooru - 358

This worthy world ringed by the sun
will have seven chiefs a day, such is its nature;
If material and spiritual realms are weighed,
material is not even mustard sized… 186 more words


Nattrinai - 10

Her friend says :

Even when her perky breasts sag down
and long dark hair draped over
her lustrous body turns white,
never leave her, … 193 more words


Kurunthokai - 312

He tells his heart:

Two faced charlatan, our lover is:
one who comes to us at midnight
like fragrant breeze from the forests
of mighty spear wielding Malayan; 106 more words