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Margaret Sanger: Eugenicist & Population Control Bigot

As one will read in the below article, I have no respect for Margaret Sanger. I also despise Planned Parenthood as a scum-of-the-earth organization for their illegally selling human body parts, valuing money above humanity, dignity and decency. 2,133 more words

Moral Theology

Planned Parenthood Worker Discovers Long-Lost Sanger Crystal Ball       

                                             Just in time for “Shout Your Abortion”


Ima Allwise, a long time Planned Parenthood employee, found one of their most powerful tools that had been lost since the early 1950’s. 587 more words

Faith, Christianity, Religion

Professionalität und der Mangel davon

Ich wurde mal für eine Trauung bestellt, die August (2018) in einer Kirche in Essen stattfinden sollen hätte. Die Organistin dieser Kirche konnte nicht spielen und ich wurde vom Brautpaar direkt bestellt. 375 more words


25 Genomes; a party, some word-play and #batgate

note that you can find these posts (slightly edited to be more fancy and less rude) on the main Sanger blog site, https://sangerinstitute.blog/

The summer party… 674 more words

25 Genomes

Sanger Texas in Early May

I was back in north Texas in the second week of May visiting my dad and sisters. I stayed with my sister in North Dallas, whose home is less than a 60-minute ride to Sanger. 747 more words

How the Red Sox and Rangers decided a Texas baseball playoff series' home field advantage

There’s a staple of high school playoff series in pockets across the nation that is particularly pronounced in Texas: According to bylaws of the governing University Interscholastic League (UIL), when two playoff teams can’t mutually agree on either a one or three-game series, and when they can’t pick a neutral site, a coin flip determines who will play where and for how long. 389 more words


Sång - Empty Threats

Då har jag skrivit ännu en låt! Den har tagit några veckor att få klart, av flera anledningar. En av textraderna kommer från en låt jag skrev i gymnasiet och spela med mitt band då. 478 more words