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Hahahahaha…Look what I found on Google under vampire images!!!! Well folks, it’s official now! If you search for “vampire” on Google, you will come face to face with me! 12 more words

Featuring Purplekilljoy

Upon one of my many miscellaneous misadventures on the interwebs (try saying that five times fast?) I came across a certain youtube video about a subject that I have very little knowledge and experience with.   266 more words

My Spiritual Journey

The Sad Case of a 21st Century Vampire

Doctors in Turkey have on their hands a blood drinking man with multiple personalities. Likely triggered by a horrific set of circumstances, the man is insatiable and has turned to criminal behavior to satisfy his heart’s desire – blood. 599 more words

Miskatonic Books


So, I have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while. Besides being caught up in regular old life things, I have taken to sleeping an almost completely nocturnal schedule lately (not intentional, I’d almost even say it was work-related, if it were actually my work that caused this), which splits my days up oddly, and leaves me with what often seems like less time somehow. 741 more words

Rambling on Perceptions

So at one point a couple-few weeks back, I was browsing CraigsList (like you do), and I saw an ad on there for a show that was looking for people who eat abnormal things. 371 more words

V/K one shot series, Part: The Second To The Last: His Albatross

It wasn’t about love.
Let me make this perfectly clear. There was no wanting. No butterflies in my stomach or the beauty of life renewed. There was only the Big Empty, the invisible hole where the world rushed in and threatened to tear my body apart from the inside out. 645 more words

Urban Fantasy

Relocation Update

I may just move in with a sang friend of mine. Benefits include her not being a part of the community as a whole, so not having to deal with any of that; still living with someone who is aware of extenuating circumstances, so no need to explain why I’m or who this person is that I’ll be taking to my room, but I’m not having sex with, etc.; and higher likelihood of encountering a willing donor. 297 more words