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Principles of Marketing, Building a Community and 4 Steps To Create Value

As a professional, I have a voracious appetite for knowledge. I spend time learning in the majority of my free time every day. Lately, I’ve been enveloped in the world of marketing, and I can’t help but think of how the core principles mirror what is needed to help in building a community. 470 more words


Bitter Or Better? Just Do It - Thoughts On Productivity

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone has their opinion on what can be done better, what improvements can be made, or how things should be run with a project. 302 more words


Why Would You Drink Blood? A Casual Chat With A Reader

Why do you want to drink blood?

After my recent post about safety with blood feeding, I had the opportunity to answer some questions from one of our readers. 2,768 more words


Safety, Safety, Safety - Blood Feeding

I recently asked what content and resources are needed for blood drinkers. A topic that rightly came up was safety. How can I get trained as a phlebotomist? 848 more words


Sanguinarian Research - Vampirewebsite.net rebuttal of information

Special thanks to Sanguinarian Research for allowing the reposting of the article! The original article can be found here

Rebuttal of information as presented on the vampirewebsite.net front page… 1,988 more words


Sanguivore, Med Sang, Sanguinarian. What do they mean, anyway?

Terminology is a necessary staple for me when describing one’s experiences, especially when they differ from a significant demographic. I’ve identified as many things over the years. 1,341 more words


Donors: A piece by Giselle DeCavalier

In sharing this, I hope to shed some light from this Donor’s experiences and feelings for the benefit of others. I am a Sang Donor. I have to come to think of donating as “the Act.” There are no adequate words to describe how the Act feels. 846 more words