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Product Review: Elize Sanitary Napkin

Hi everyone, I’ve been traveling a lot and not able to write blogs at all. So I thought I should do a quick product review. I am a subscriber of… 206 more words


Benefits Of Using Tampons Over Pads

Tampons, which have been around since the 1930s, are the most popular choice of feminine protection for women younger than 41 in other countries. But in India there are lot of misconceptions about tampons in women’s mind. 512 more words

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எது அத்தியாவசியம்..?

உலக நாடுகள் எல்லாம் Sanitary Napkin மீதுள்ள வரியை முற்றிலும் அகற்றிவரும் நிலையில், இந்த வருட சரக்கு மற்றும் சேவை வரிகளில் Sanitary Napkin மீது 12% வரியை விதித்துள்ளது இந்தியா அரசாங்ம். 8 more words


Here's why your Maxi Pads are causing Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

In older times, females were not so conscious about personal hygiene during mensuration, but now with the advent of medical science, women are aware of the fact that sanitization is compulsory to avoid any infection. 407 more words

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Why hide your pads?

Its 21st century and still we can’t say the word PERIOD in open, only in India! And I thought we are developing! The irony is, while women are encouraged to rise equal to their counterparts, we still have to hide our sanitary napkins in front of them. 419 more words


What's really in your Sanitary Pads?

Ikaw ba o may kakilalang madalas nakakaramdam Nito? Pagbabago sa monthly period, kagaya ng dinudugo ng mas grabe, o kaya mas mahabang period, imbes na 3-4 na araw, tumatagal ng isang linggo o higit pa?Pananakit ng mga hita, balakang at mga binti? 646 more words

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How to: Deal with your period

Ah, yes, puberty (usually). A time when breasts start swelling up, hormones go crazy, and girls start having the ability to have babies. Menstruation isn’t really something I was expecting to talk about. 1,213 more words

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