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Disinfectants and Sanitizers linked to thyroid cancer

A study from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. has found those who work with disinfectants, santiziers, sterilizers and deodorizers on a regular basis may be at higher risk of thyroid cancer. 168 more words


Sheldon Cooper's Got Nothing On This Mom

The memory is as vivid today as it was three years ago.

I stood over the changing table, hovering over my six month old baby boy. 771 more words

Fall Flu Shots Free at Kmart ... With Most Insurance Plans

Many school districts require up-to-date shots and immunizations before admissions. And Fall can just be an at-risk season for illness anyway. A Kmart entry sign makes a timely pitch with… 332 more words

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Half-Height Cart-Wipe Includes Flu-Shot Cross Sell

This Cart Sanitizer Wipe Station is half-height but full gondola depth in size. A built-in Disposal chute keeps the store neat and saves on the need for a separate trash collection fixture. 307 more words

Store Fixtures

Upgraded Shopping Cart Care Only At Trader Joes® 

Trust Trader Joes® to brand their shopping cart sanitizer in keeping with store decor. The unit projects a casual tropical flavor with Bamboo-look exterior. Waste bin is integral with the unit so one-stop Cart Care indeed. 241 more words

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Purell® Sanitizer Station With Store Presence

Cart and Hand Wipes are much appreciated customer amenities, and here Purell® takes advantage of shopper appreciate and good will  with a Sanitizer Station worthy of their brand name… 376 more words

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