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With This Device, You Won't Be Scared To Test The Number Of Gut-Wrenching Germs Infesting Your Toothbrush

There’s nothing quite like finding out about the fecal matter that’s probably on your toothbrush to make you want to scream bloody murder. There’s no saying you’ll ever fully recover from this discovery, but this toothbrush sanitizer will certainly help. 54 more words


Rustic Hand Sanitizer D.I.Y.

A folksy wood cradle compliments the irregular, hand-made-tile look of this restroom decor. While in-store hand sanitizers are a modern trend, their presentation need not always look so… 999 more words

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Product Unleashed: Your Cheat Sheet to Pristine HVAC

Hi Friends!

In speaking with my clients, I realize that some of you do not know all of the products that we manufacture.

Below you will find a… 2,217 more words

Product Spotlight

Iss garmi mein Cool & Cool

I love shooting products. And I hate shooting products. I love them because I can use my lights and aesthetics to give them the character they need. 108 more words

Are We Effectively Killing Germs With Sanitizers?

Unless you are allowing that sanitizer to dry on your hands for 15 seconds, you are not doing anyone any favors. If you touch someone’s hands or things before that sanitizer is dry, you are still spreading germs.


Why do Sanitizers Fail?

As soon as typical sanitizers dry, the opportunity for bacteria and odors start all…

JoAnn's Purell® Mini Cart Wipe

I don’t think the cart wipes themselves are smaller, but the cart wipe station itself is. The fixtures is still a substantial, quality crafted item that offers… 382 more words

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