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La Vie En Prose

Life was tortured poetry

It stopped

So much was in the air until

It dropped

Now that life’s a little less


Prosaic and routine yet not


Mental Health

Want to get it back? Then stop despairing and start listening to people who might share your sensible viewpoints. The voice of reason is out there, but it struggles to be heard above dominating idiotic arguments.

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Rarest Mould

Her jibe at my masculinity made me furious,
that it had hit a deep festering wound was lost,
what copulation felt like, I was deeply curious, 117 more words

Sundry Rhymes

Rolling With the Change

This day wasn’t what I expected. It never really is.

I would like to state, after writing this piece, I did start over. I came to terms with my dog. 1,024 more words

Random Writing

Another Case of Missing the Point

God didn’t make perversion; that’s just a reflection of our fallen nature.

Most of the Western debate about sexual perversion is rooted in avoiding the revelation of God. 848 more words


Coffee, Aisle Mouth!

Have you ever woken up and your head was pounding and you just knew it was going to be a rough morning? Today was that day… 268 more words


Alternate Mythos Names

Sometimes it might be appropriate (or just fun) to drop a Mythos name that a player might be familiar with.

However, sometimes it might be a good idea to use a name the players have never heard of before.  1,100 more words