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A Nation's Fear

Too late now to admit

you made a mistake,

surrendering to populism

you declared the virus a fake.

Thousands have died and many more

have been hospitalised on your watch… 129 more words


Clearing the Clutter

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Have you ever wondered why you wake up one morning, feeling super productive, about to zoom into work mode and in your mind you are like “Cheii, I am going to be super productive today” or “ I am going to finish all the things I’ve kept on hold for so long today” and half way during the day, you feel so weak and you just can’t continue, feeling like everything is coming at you so fast like Flash from DC comics. 579 more words


I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity_Edgar Alan Poe

  • Nothing has ever been more puzzling that a human heart

Every person is a puzzle_you must become the missing piece and they will tell everything…

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It's been a while, I think.

1st off if your reading this I want you to make a promise. New Years, we scream Jumanji and jump.

The days have really blended together. 297 more words

Roll for Sanity

I. Looking for Trouble

In the card game Munchkin, there is a mechanic called “Looking for Trouble”, whereby if you haven’t yet fought a monster on your turn, you can play a monster from your hand and fight… 1,248 more words


Aliens Everywhere

Let’s consider for a moment some of the possibilities. None of this is likely, but you have to wonder why.

It would be just barely possible to turn the US around without too much violence, if the mass of sheeple did one thing: starve the liberal/communist establishment. 752 more words


Making lemonade out of lemons...

With all the misfortune in the world that’s taking place, let’s do our self some good and others. It will help ease everyone’s sanity and make peace. 27 more words