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“But, what use is a well-thought-out field setting when the batsman is hitting the ball out of the ground?”
—Sanjay Manjrekar.


“…one important quality needed for true greatness is great self-confidence……………if there is a hint of self-doubt, then that will stop you from being truly great.”
— Sanjay Manjrekar.


Virat Kohli

There are occasions when it sinks slowly into our consciousness that we are watching something special, something that happens rarely, extraordinary and beyond normal human effort and that we are simply lucky to be watching it. 401 more words


“To produce extraordinary talent, the most important requirement is for that sport to be popular in the country. For popularity breeds competition; and where there is competition, only exceptional talent will come to the fore.”

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“We often talk about training hard to be a fit cricketer and put in the hours in the gym and on the ground trying to get stronger and durable, but we forget one important aspect in a cricketer’s career. Rest.”

—Sanjay Manjrekar.


Amol Muzumdar; ‘cricket is my life’

CLR James saw cricket, to so many simply a sport and merely a game, as a manifestation of, and metaphor for, life itself.

If that is the case, cricketers (and, indeed, spectators) are themselves a depiction of society. 6,406 more words