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Amol Muzumdar; ‘cricket is my life’

CLR James saw cricket, to so many simply a sport and merely a game, as a manifestation of, and metaphor for, life itself.

If that is the case, cricketers (and, indeed, spectators) are themselves a depiction of society. 6,406 more words


Sanjay Manjrekar: What he said, really meant and definitely didn't

Sanjay Manjrekar perks up the Indian batting order.

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What he said:

“Numbers 1, 2 and 3 in the batting order, in One-Day cricket in Asian batting conditions, is like travelling first class.

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Go forward, not back

by Sanjay Manjrekar

Why an initial back-foot trigger movement may not be a great idea

A fireman once said, “We are crazy guys, you know. When a house is on fire, people are running out and we are running in.” A batsman has to do something similar when a bowler like Mitchell Johnson is steaming in, hurling thunderbolts at 150kph.

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Michael Clarke

Tribute to Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

When we saw Sachin’s batting for one last time for India, our mind tries to collate all the memories of his long illustrious career. I can say that he was the only genuine reason behind why India has so many cricket lovers in the country now. 378 more words

Sachin Tendulkar