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Act should be passed by Central Government for celebration of #HappyParentsWorshipDay - Sanjay Nirupam

Great venerable Sant Asharamji Bapu, all honourable, venerable Sage-Saint association present on the stage, honourable Kumar Swamiji, our beloved associate, to whom modern world, modern India has seen as God Ram, that Arun Govilji, to whom modern world has seen as Dharmraj Yudhishthir of Mahabharat, that Gajendrabhai and all our Mumbai residents who are present in this boardroom, present in lacs of numbers to take blessings words of Bapu, all congregation, all my mothers, sisters and my friends. 679 more words

Parents Worship Day


Especially as the first use has been in Kalyan and Bhiwandi in the MMR.

Looking to Sanjayji and the Congress to ferret out the details.

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