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The Supreme Court’s Remarks Against Sanjiv Bhatt Violate Its Own Earlier Verdicts - Markandey Katju

An upright police officer, who bravely took on the crooked Establishment and exposed its misdeeds, has been castigated by the Supreme Court in sweeping language which seems calculated to please the ruling party.  856 more words

Hope does not dare raise its head even as a white flag of surrender- Vistasp Hodiwala

On some days the mind’s tank is empty. There is just nothing left to say. Outrage has been expended. Disgust has far out sailed the shores of grief. 187 more words


The Indian Police Officer Who Challenged the Handling of 2002 Riots Has Been Sacked

A top Indian police officer who opposed the government in the western state of Gujarat over its handling of anti-Muslim riots in 2002, when current Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the state’s chief minister, has been… 374 more words

Politics Of Civil Servants

If a civil servant stands up against the wrongs in Political system, you ruin and trample his career under boots in the best possible way to eliminate the possibility of any other Sanjiv Bhatt, Ashok Khemka, Late Narendra Kumar or a Sanjiv Chaturvedi. 277 more words


Tum bilkul hum jaisey nikley

Fahmida Riaz, the progressive Pakistani poet, spent many years in exile in India in the 1980s during the dictatorship of General Zia ul Haq, living in Delhi and teaching at Jamia Millia Islamia, before she returned to Pakistan quite disillusioned. 315 more words

Sanjiv Bhatt

Enough Red Flags against Modi

There can be only two reasons why one thinks it is alright to elect Modi as Prime Minister, writes this blogger, who goes by the name… 467 more words


An Evil Hate-monger

“Some of us have the naïveté to truly hope and believe that evil can and will relent over time. This misplaced hope and belief inspires the dark hearts to dream even darker dreams. 134 more words