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In Search of Fire

It was the early 70s. I remember visiting my grandparents in Lenox Massachusetts and being drawn to the Kripalu ashram. The building used to be an expansive Jesuit seminary that was situated on several acres of land that overlooked the Berkshire Mountains. 1,203 more words



“This very moment you can drop all problems. because they are your creations. Have another look at your problems: the deeper you look, the smaller they will appear.

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A work in progress

Every December I get a little giddy about the coming opportunity to replace my kitchen wall calendar.  In 2014 we were greeted each morning with Stella’s Disney Princess calendar which added a certain whimsical quality to enjoy coffee and cereal with Ariel, Belle, Tiana or Aurora each morning.   505 more words

The great return!


I am so glad to be back in communication with you. What an amazing journey I have had through the astral channels these past earth-months and stellar days! 275 more words


This Is The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius (Not What You're Thinking, Though. Just In Case You Were Wondering.)

Triple dose of Aquarius here! I can’t even contain my excitement!!!

With the whole 2012 thing that passed a couple years back (Yeah, where was THAT apocalypse? 973 more words



New Year’s resolutions are usually abandoned within weeks, if not days, as enthusiasm and willpower run out but I’m discovering that sankalpa is none of the ego-driven willpower we typically summon to make changes. 187 more words

Keeping the Digestive System in Good Health - 2

Still with our thoughts on keeping the digestive system in good health, here are some more ideas based on what you may have been practising in class this week. 837 more words

Lesson Plans