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Sankalpa - planting the seed of intention from your heart

Sankalpa is the practice of setting an intention which is formed in the heart and the mind. In Sanskrit, “san” means “connecting with the highest truth”, and “kalpa” means “promise” or “resolve”.   426 more words



One of the beautiful things about Heartfulness is that you will only learn as much as you want to learn.

One thing that I didn’t quite come across until few yrs after starting meditation was the concept of  142 more words

What Run Oregon is Wearing: Sankalpa Yoga Pants (DISCOUNT CODE)

I like to wear funky leggings, not for attention or to impress anyone, just because I like fun clothes that make me smile. Sankalpa leggings… 675 more words

Product Review

7.26.17 Hawaii Day 3

I’m just thankful for the journey.

Today, we developed a Sankalpa, or deep intention, for the rest of the training. The process of developing this was profound, but not necessarily difficult or time consuming. 74 more words

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How to get over the guilt of Infidelity?


How to work on maintaining internal purity when I know that I have become impure by stepping out of my marriage? How to get over the guilt of Infidelity? 391 more words


Intentions // Sankalpa

Setting an Intention: 

In light of hosting #trueexpressions, a yoga challenge focused on pairing a mantra or intention with a pose (check it out! Instagram.com/eatflowlive), I thought I would write a little bit more about setting an intention for your practice, why I love intentions, and how to create your own.  277 more words


Yogic Principles Help Create Healthy Habits

Melissa’s Rap: A few months ago, we went on a Healthy Habits adventure, learning exactly what steps to take to create healthy, long-lasting habits. Now that you have had a few months to practice, how has the journey been? 800 more words