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How Many Sans Papiers Are There in Switzerland

I have written a blog post for the NCCR on the move on how many sans-papiers there are in Switzerland (in German). The blog post draws on a study I was involved in two years ago, where we estimated the number of sans-papiers in Switzerland. 47 more words

Didier Ruedin

Social exclusion and labour rights in the banlieues of Paris, Part II

Heather Connolly

This post was originally posted on the SPERI blog, University of Sheffield, 14th April 2016.

Last month I returned to the banlieues… 915 more words


Social exclusion and labour rights in the banlieues of Paris

Heather Connolly

NOTE: this article was originally posted on the SPERI blog in December 2015.

The terrorist attacks in Paris have again highlighted the problem of social divisions in France and the extent to which they lead to feelings of exclusion that in some way incite violent responses.   1,099 more words


ICYMI - Enquête: le Montréal des sans-papiers

One of the relatively rare articles that I have seen regarding sans-papiers. And being undocumented, we have no good data on how many there are: 358 more words


Before the Vote: What the Candidates are Proposing on the Subject of Immigration

translated from:


Right of asylum, immigration quotas, border controls.. a deep fracture has emerged between the candidates.

It’s a record in French history: France has recorded 85, 700 requests for asylum in 2016. 983 more words