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I recently wrote a synopsis of Dr Theodore Proferes’ session at the Sanskrit Reading Room, SOAS – on the hermeneutic strategies that Maṇḍana Miśra used to explain ānanda (bliss) in the Brahma Siddhi. 12 more words

śatakatrayam 1.81: netā yasya bṛhaspatiḥ (with bṛhaspati as his counsellor)

नेता यस्य बृहस्पति: प्रहरणं वज्रं सुरा: सैनिका:
स्वर्गो दुर्गमनुग्रह: खलु हरेरैरावणो रावण: ।
इत्याश्चर्यबलान्वितोऽपि बलभिद्भग्न: परै: संगरे
तद्व्यक्तं ननु दैवमेव शरणं धिग्धिग्वृथा पौरुषम् ।।८१।।


E. Powys Mathers' "Black Marigolds" and Joan Grigsby's "The Orchid Door"

I have already mentioned poet Joan Grigsby, who adapted Korean poems in accordance with her own poetic vision, in a previous post. On Brother Anthony’s site there is… 306 more words


प्रकृत्स्य त्रीणि गुणानि

I remember when my Sanskrit teacher, K. P. Jha sir, taught us about anger management. It was the most helpful lesson I ever got. And so was the next lecture about three  487 more words



Here are some words about getting things done:

श्वः कार्यमद्य कुर्वीत पूर्वाह्णे चापराह्णिकम /
न हि प्रतीक्षते मृत्युः कृतं वास्य वाकृतम //

śvaḥ kāryam adya kurvīta  pūrvāhṇe cāparāhṇikam, 244 more words

All About Ashtanga

It’s Monday, so you know what that means! This week’s Menucha Podcast episode is up on Shout Engine, soon to be followed by iTunes and Stitcher in the next several hours! 151 more words


A Start

I am seeing I am not balanced in this Chakra at all.  I can see why I was drawn to the Chakra System this year.  Basically,  I am going to be discussing my path, starting with this first Chakra and working my way up to the seventh.