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A pair of lectures this week

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A short email to say that we haven’t forgotten about CBA North’s Member and Followers over the summer. Committee Members, as ever, have been full of busy gathering news and talking with contacts on behalf of the group and you our members. 160 more words

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Our CBA North alphabet of archaeology continues: G to J

CBA North News
A short email today for CBA North’s Members – behind the scenes we are working on a summary of our work for you and of our own recent events in Summarising and Sustaining Conference, as the well as our AGM. 320 more words

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CBA North's next event: AGM 2017

CBA North News
Hard on the heels of our Conference/Workshop ‘Summarising and Sustaining’ yesterday, we have notice of our own AGM below.

Our thanks to all the speakers and audience at yesterday’s event, as well as to our hosts the Department of Archaeology, Newcastle University, for the day. 1,123 more words

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From Ancient Egypt to local ancient environments

CBA North News
This week has been full of busy – in attending the CIfA Conference, in further preparations for our own meetings and taking in details of other events happening in April and May. 531 more words

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Ashram Suprachar

संत अवतरण Sant Shri Asaram Bapuji’s Incarnation Day (Avataran Diwas) is celebrated as #VishwaSevaDivas all over the world by millions of followers of Pujya Bapuji. On the occasion of Avataran Divas, Pujya Bapuji’s devotees are doing wonderful social service.

Asaram Bapuji

शरीर जलने पर क्या करे ? - आसाराम बापूजी

कच्चे आलु के सलाईस अथवा उसका पानी जले हुए अंग पें लगा दें एक बार में ठीक हो जाँएंगा ।


शबरी भीलण और रावण - संत आशाराम जी बापू

शबरी भीलण और रावण – संत आशाराम जी बापू

गीता में आता है-स्वधर्म निधनं श्रेय…अपने धर्म में मर जाना अच्छा है… परधर्म भयावह…अपने धर्म में डँटे रहो… 7 more words

Asaramji Bapu