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The Accident

By Ivan Villalobos, grade 5

(From When the Party was Finished, Confetti was in the Air Fall 2014; Field Trip)

“Boy, this is fun!” shouted a man in a car. 196 more words

Snow Castles, Ice Sculptures, Winter Adventures

As the July heatwave hit Finland, it is nice to get back to some cooler experiences and remember that for a Finn the weather is NEVER good, but despite the weather you can always have fun.

1,650 more words

Why Bruce Willis is Wrong about "Die Hard"

Last night, at the filming of his Comedy Central Roast, Bruce Willis declared that his famous film Die Hard is not a Christmas movie supposedly settling an age-old debate. 665 more words


Fun Fact Friday

Every month, it is our task to brighten you with our knowledge about Vancouver. But, since we’ve done that a few times already, I was thinking that today I could tell you some facts about Canada itself instead. 458 more words


Fruit of the Spirit: GOODNESS

By Julie Luse

I have to admit, as a kid I had a corrupt idea of what goodness meant. This could have something to do with my indoctrination into the myth of Santa Claus. 775 more words

Fruit Of The Spirit

11 July

Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa Claus started in America in the 1700s and went viral when Clement Moore’s “Night Before Christmas” was published in 1823. 276 more words