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The Crusader

I lay absolutely still, my eyes pinched shut tight, while she crept into my room.  She came closer, closer, daring me to be awake. My heart pounded a frantic rhythm. 869 more words


Santa Claus-The Pagan Celestial Priest Hermes


In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate the Absolute Truth


Santa Claus -Father and False Spirit of this world. 610 more words


Histórias: forma de atingir valor

Cada vez mais, as organizações têm preocupações com aquilo que transmitem, isto porque, são grandes ferramentas de influência social. As mesmas moldam a sociedade e os valores sociais e por isso têm que fazer toda a sua ação com cautela.   708 more words

Debunking Dr. Karl - Vampire Verisimilitude

Dear, Dr. Karl — may I call you that?

An article was brought to my attention earlier this week that both amused and gnawed at me: … 684 more words

Cedarcrest Sanctum

It is the need to believe in something definable, that hides the formlessness of oneness

Only someone who has bid the enlightenment of that which is one welcome knows that a world, where there seems to be more than one, is an illusion. 349 more words

Modern Spirituality