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Santa's Exclusive Column: Getting Ready For Christmas!

Santa requested to begin his exclusive Santa’s Column early this year! We’re positively delighted with the news and welcome Santa, who has been hibernating since January, back to the world of the living and hope he’s ready to provide our readers with vibrant, charming, and uplifting tales of the run up to Christmas 2017. 705 more words


How God Works

Exodus 3:1-15

“How God Works”

I love this story. It is one that has echoed deep within my soul since I was young. It is one that has shaped how I understand my own calling. 2,361 more words


City: Stopover in Rovaniemi

Most people know just one city in Finland and that is naturally Helsinki. When I am thinking about traveling to a new country, I find it difficult to be really interested in visiting places of which I have no prior-born idea. 333 more words


Edmonton woman issues plea to cheer up Mr. Claus, her ailing grandpa, and hundreds answer

If Nicole Hawley didn’t understand the power of social media before, she certainly must have gotten a sense of it on Wednesday.

“Hi guys,” she posted on Facebook. 1,262 more words


Religion as the Stuff of Imagination

I am often told that I have a wild imagination. I even once had a friend who said she’d pay to be put in my mind for a day. 1,157 more words

Beliefs, Doubt, & most everything between

If I could describe my mom’s way of parenting, I would relate it to what you think when you hear “free range chickens.” I could have and go on sleepovers; if not at a sleepover, my curfew was the streetlights. 603 more words